ProCamera + HDR, Photo Editing, Custom Filters, Effects and Video

ProCamera + HDR, Photo Editing, Custom Filters, Effects and Video

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*** On sale for 40% off for a limited time! *** Fast. Simple. Professional. ProCamera is a photo, video, and editing studio with state-of-the-art technology! ProCamera’s powerful editor ushers in a new generation of photo apps, and sets the standard for mobile photography. With its intuitive interface, the new ProCamera shoots stunning HDR photos.

Updated for iOS 9 and Watch OS 2.0 with HDR, new filters, special selfie mode and more. ProCamera is a smaller download than ever!!

Shoot Like A Pro - Capture The Moment.

ProCamera Features:
vividHDR (In-App Purchase)
ProCamera and Ittiam partner for vividHDR, the world’s best HDR on iOS, now with Scene Analysis for perfect colors - no tripod required. Capture vivid images every time, and even snap moving objects in full detail. Discover a new world of vivid color and powerful contrast.

From the simplest selfie to complex action shots, each photo gets perfect exposure using easy swipe control. Set preferred shutter speed in Priority Mode, and ProCamera does the rest.

Your phone now has the same level of control as an advanced DSLR camera. Set values for exposure time, ISO sensitivity and white balance (color temperature & tint). Now swipe between camera modes with the new Camera Selector.

Focus with a simple swipe on the viewfinder.

Use Apple Watch to control ProCamera and change capture format on your iPhone.

Editing on a new level: Seamlessly swipe between custom filters, editor tools, and image correction. Each image updates live as you swipe through edits. And now, enjoy two NEW filters: Portar 800 and APX 100.

Double tap to see your masterpiece in full HD. ProCamera is the only app that shows every pixel of your photos.

Separate Focus and Exposure points create fast and intuitive control in photo and video modes.

Capture candid moments without looking at the screen – it’s the ideal tool for street photography!

Get sharp, noise free night shots! Set shutter speed to 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 second (iPhone 4S/5), and use the NEW selfie mode for crisp selfies at night. Our Today widget will even show you sunrise and sunset times!

Square and widescreen formats (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 3:1) use maximum screen real estate for accurate composition and framing.

Our frame rates range from cinematic 24 fps to thrilling 240 fps. Take stunning slow-mo video with HRF.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, EyeEm, and Instagram (with SquarePrepare function and support of high-res exports). Batch upload photo and video to DropBox and Vimeo,

Flick from the left margin to right in the viewfinder, and store 50K photos or more in one location.

The NY Times says "the high-end crowd swears by it". National Geographic chose it as 1 of 8 "must-have travel apps". Forbes selected it as one of the "Best iPhone Camera Apps 2014" and said it "provides nearly any camera feature you could need, and shoots HD video".

Over 3 million users have trusted ProCamera for years.

ProCamera also offers TIFF, RAPID FIRE MODE, ANTI SHAKE for photos and videos, 3D TILTMETER, SELF TIMER and INTERVALOMETER, extremely FAST STARTUP SPEED, VOLUME TRIGGER, Live HISTOGRAM, REALTIME 6x DIGITAL ZOOM, distraction free shooting with FULLSCREEN MODE, Gray Card Calibration, Slow-motion video player, dedicated Lightbox, Illustrated Manual, Code Scanner, EXIF/VideoMetaData Viewer, Manual Save, and much more.

Join the ProCamera community to blog, read tutorials, and more. Tag photos with #procamera in Instagram for a chance to be featured. Contact us via ‘customer service’ within the app or drop us an email for suggestions. We are listening.

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What's New

In this major ProCamera update we focused on improving many of the great features you’ve grown to love, and we optimized the app for iOS 9 and Watch OS 2.0. We rethought crucial aspects of how to take the best possible photos and how to make the app even easier to use. We addressed requests from users like you with a bunch of cool new features. And we came up with something very innovative: a special SELFIE mode that prevents reflections that usually show up (sun-)glasses.

The most requested feature has been added to ProCamera: SHUTTER & ISO PRIORITY MODE. This is also known as semi-automatic mode. Just set the shutter speed you prefer – and ProCamera will do the rest, finding the appropriate ISO value for the best possible exposure. Or set the ISO value for a grainy or grain-free result, and ProCamera will automatically set the best shutter speed. We made it very user friendly so even beginners can enjoy this Pro feature. Give it a try! Find details on our blog.

This update allowed us to bring you a cool new feature: The SELFIE camera mode. Besides the reflection prevention, the Selfie Camera also offers an un-mirror option for your viewfinder to see yourself as others see you (and not like you see yourself in the mirror). It also has some tweaks for better selfies. Visit our blog for all of the details.

MAJOR HDR ENHANCEMENTS! The best HDR camera for iOS just got better! New “SCENE ANALYSIS" refinements have improved the results of vividHDR once again. This means that your photos will always come out with perfect colors, even when shooting under challenging conditions.

Professional photographers know how wonderful it can be to shoot with that magical light only found around sunrise or sunset. For easy reference and planning, ProCamera’s TODAY WIDGET now shows you the times of sunrise and sunset (if you allow ProCamera to use your location).

We introduce full support for the Apple Photo Cloud. More and more users (us included) are excited about Apple's new Photo Cloud service and upload all their photos to the cloud. This can mean 50,000 photos or more – finally in one location. We are proud to announce that ProCamera now smoothly supports even colossal photo libraries. The foundation of ProCamera’s media library handling got overhauled, more solid, faster and even more (battery) efficient.

We’ve improved what we used to call FULLSCREEN MODE. Now there are three levels of On-Screen-Display and On-Screen-Controls (Standard, Medium, Light). The new “Light OSD” mode gives you a completely distraction free view on your composition. It’s the most puristic smartphone camera experience ever.

Last but not least: Thanks to iOS 9 and App Thinning, ProCamera now takes up less disk space on your device. And for your editing pleasure, we have added two new and exciting filters (Portrar 800 and APX 100).

Visit for more information.

If you'd like to support our development, please help spread the word. Consider leaving a review here in the App Store. Every single review is much appreciated.
Thank you and enjoy ProCamera.

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