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Download the pet camera app that uses pet photographer-tested noises to help you capture the perfect photo of your pet. If your subject needs a home, our app also creates an eye-catching digital animal rescue flyer for you to share on all your favorite social media outlets. We’re helping people smile & animals get adopted, one photo at a time! We also encourage everyone take Pose A Pet™ to your local animal shelter or rescue and volunteer to make digital rescue flyers as well!

**Attention fellow Pet Lovers!** If you have a missing camera button, its due to an update for on your Iphone. The camera button is in the middle of the sounds, just press the empty space and you can take a picture of your pets! Please update your iOS to the current version and the button has come back for most users.**

So happy to announce we've added Portugal and the U.K. with many more countries coming soon!

Here’s how it works:
- Open Pose A Pet™ and press the pet photographer approved sounds to catch your pet’s attention for that perfect moment. We love the 'Squeak' and the 'Meow' the best!
- We encourage you to share photos/digital rescue flyers and post to social media via Twitter and Facebook (Pinterest and Flickr coming soon).
- If you have an animal in need of a home or are involved with an animal rescue you can create a shareable flyer with all their important info. Sharing these flyers on Social Media and beyond is going to give rescue animals everywhere the exposure they need to increase their chances of being adopted! Please make a digital rescue flyer today and share it with friends and with the Photos to the Rescue Network! (Coming Soon)
Please consider volunteering to create digital flyers at your local animal rescue or shelter as well!

Jennifer Whaley of Fetch Portraits (creator of Pose A Pet™) has personally photographed over 2,500 rescue dogs. Along with developers extraordinaire Jose Jorge Ferreira (iPhone) and Marcelo Carvalho (Android), she’s made an app to help you get great photos of your pet or rescue animal. Whether you need to find a home for an animal in your care or you just want the perfect shot of your best friend, Pose a Pet™ can help!

Pose a Pet™ is much more than just another camera app for your pet. It helps you take great pictures of your pet using the same sounds Fetch Portraits uses, but, more importantly, it gives rescue animals a better chance to get adopted by easily being seen thru social media.

How does Pose A Pet™ help Animal Rescue? Pose A Pet™ lets you create your own digital shareable flyer for your rescue pet that’s easily posted to your favorite social networks!

For many years, Jennifer has been using her original Posing Necklace (a necklace full of noisemakers) to get a dog’s attention. The perfect poses she captures are a testimony to the power of curiosity. “If you can make your pet curious about your camera, they’ll look in the lens every time!” says Jennifer. Her only frustration has been that she can’t help every homeless animal. So, she built an app for you to use! Now, transporters, shelter workers, volunteers, and foster parents everywhere can easily take photos of an animal in need of a home (or just for fun).

We’d love to hear your ideas. You can submit them on our website.

Features in premium version:

1.) 20 photographer tested sounds to grab pets attention.
2.) Save Pics/Flyers to the camera roll for future use.
3.) Share your photos logo-free.
4.) Share pictures & flyers on Facebook & Twitter (Pinterest & Flickr coming soon!)

Features in free version:

1.) Take pictures of your pets using hilarious sounds.
2.) Create a rescue flyer for your adoptable animal
3.) Share pictures & flyers on Facebook & Twitter (Pinterest & Flickr coming soon!)

Either way, we hope you’ll be a part of building our next version! Use the Pose a Pet™app for your next Rescue and tell your friends to do so, too! Please download Pose A Pet™ and volunteer at your local animal rescue or shelter today!

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What's New

* Adapted to iOS 7.1.
* New "I'm lost" option in "Needs".
* Added UK and Portugal locations!!
* Changed hashtag for Twitter posts.
* "Puppy/Kitten" truncated text fixed.
* Added Pose A Pet logo to the flyer.
* Tips popup added.
* Confirmation before canceling a flyer creation.
* Flash button bug fixed

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