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pCAM Film+Digital Calculator

pCAM Film+Digital Calculator

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• 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, 2010. Won an Engineering Plaque for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

• 2013 Technical Achievement Award from Society of Camera Operators. “For outstanding contributions to cinematography through the design and development of the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator.”

• 24 bundled Cinematography and Still Photography apps useful for Photographers, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, VFX Supervisors, Script Supervisors, Gaffers, Grips, Motion Picture Editors, Production Designers, Art Directors, Film and Photography Students.

• Includes: Depth of Field - Hyperfocal – Image Circle - Splits/Aperture Finder - Field of View (Picture Sizes) - Field of View Preview (with images to size shots) - Angle of View – Relative Sizes (compares sensors) - Focal Length (lens) Matching – Triangulate - Exposure - Running Time to Length - Shooting to Screen Time - HMI Flicker-free - Color Correction (choosing color correction filters) - Diopter - Macro - Time Lapse - Underwater Distance - Scene Illumination (beam intensity) - Light Coverage (width/distance) - Mired Shift (with suggested color correction gels) - Light (Eye-light or Catch-light) - Light Effects (Animated light effects; fire, strobe, neon, siren, etc.) - Conversion calculator - Siemens Star (Focus chart) - Insert Slate - Reference (Technical charts, lists and tables: Cine Film stocks, Cine Lens Manufacturers, Miniature Shooting, Safe Panning Speeds, Zone System).

• Differs from other Photography apps because it has a hi-res graphical interface that is both easy to use and helps the user understand how each calculation is applied. It was designed specifically for professional photographers and filmmakers and has the correct Still, HD Video and Motion Picture Camera manufacturer’s specs for Image Size and Circle of Confusion.

•  Originally developed in 1998 for the Palm device, this award-winning app has become a time-tested industry standard.  The developer’s a working Camera Assistant who understands that calculations must be done quickly, simply, and on the run.

• Features:
- Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
- Graphical interface with retina screen High Resolution.
- Calculates instantly and automatically as each entry is changed.
- Saves entries until you change or reset.
- Quick Gestural finger changes to Depth of Field’s Distance and Aperture inputs.
- Customizable, user-defined Camera Formats, CoC and Filters.
- Easy Picker wheels for Aperture, Camera Formats and Light Sources.
- Quick Buttons for Camera Formats; Jumps to “Film,” “Video,” “Stills,” or “Custom.”
- Global settings for Feet & Inches or Metric - EI or ASA - Foot-candles or Lux, Exposure defaults, Depth of Field nudging increments.
- Built-in User Guide on each screen.
- Motion Picture formats: 8mm - 16mm - 35mm - VistaVision - 65mm - 70mm - IMAX.
- HD Video formats: 1/4”, 1/3”, 1/2”, 2/3” HD CCD - 35mm Still Lens Adapters - Digital HD SLR’s, Super 35mm-sized HD - 65mm-sized HD.
- Still Camera formats: 35mm Standard - 4/3 - APS - Panoramic - DSLR - Digital backs - 6x6 cm - 6x7 cm - 4x5 - 5x7 - 8x10.

• A PDF version of the complete User Guide is available on the pCAM Film+Digital Calculator website.

What's new

• Added new app called Light. Use as an eye-light (catch-light), miniature softbox, or for tabletop photography.
• Added new app called Light Effects. Animated light effects such as fire, strobe, lightning, police lights, blinking neon, flashbulbs, etc.
• Added Video Camera Formats: Arri Alexa Open Gate – Epic/Scarlet 2K HD – Epic/Scarlet 3K HD – Epic/Scarlet 5K HD – Red Dragon 2.5K FF – Red Dragon 2.5K 2:1 - Red Dragon 2.5K WS - Red Dragon 2.5K HD - Red Dragon 2K FF – Red Dragon 2K 2:1 - Red Dragon 2K WS - Red Dragon 2K HD.
• Added Still Camera Format: Nikon D7100 1.3x crop mode.
• Fixed bug in Macro app’s magnification.
• Reworked Exposure and removed lock button. Now opening and closing the aperture picker automatically unlocks and locks the app. Exposure FPS now able to accept three decimals, i.e. 23.976. 3 decimals can also now be set in Settings.
• HMI Flicker Free can now save separate values for camera speed and shutter angle.
• Aligned “Scene” and “Take” better on 4” Retina screens.
• Various tweaks, bug fixes and enhancements.
• Added rate pCAM alert. Please take the time to rate and review if you like the app.


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