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Light Painting

Light Painting

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"Light Painting" turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an ultimate light painting tool - Replacing loads of torches/lights just at the cost of about a replacement bulb for a torch!

1 - 3 Different Illumination Modes:
(i) Static Color Mode (spot)
(ii) Dynamic Color Mode (spot)
(iii) Rainbow Mode (rectangle)

2 - Color Schemes
(i) 4 colors for Static Color Mode (Red, Yellow, Blue, White)
(ii) smooth cyclic transition from red to purple in Dynamic Color Mode
(iii) Vertically aligned color strips in 7 discrete colors for Rainbow Mode

3 - Masking
(i) Stripped mask
(ii) Strip size: Wide, Medium, Narrow
(iii) Mask On/Off

4 - Light On / Light Off Control
(i) Touch On or Touch Off

5 - Spot Size Adjustment
(i) Single-finger drag and zoom
(ii) live adjustment in Touch On mode
(iii) Lock spot size

6 - Flashing Mode (Helps producing, e.g. dashed line effects)
(i) Adjustable flashing frequency

7 - Count Down Alert (Helps alert user when the exposure time is about to elapse)
(i) Available count down durations (seconds): 15, 30, 60
(ii) Audible alert when the count down approaches the LAST 5 seconds

Sample photo for each illumination mode is included with camera model, exposure time, ISO and post image processing information.

Search for "light painting" in Youtube or Google if you would like to know more about light painting photographing technique. Tips & Tricks available on

Make your light painting like never before!

Apart from the sample photos, the icon for "Light Painting" was actually taken with an LX3 digital camera using "Light Painting" itself!

Do you know you can also use the Dynamic Color Mode to turn your iPhone into a Mood lamp?

"it's hard not to create an amazing photo using the app" - by Sheep46842

"Nice little app. Seems to be a one of a kind in the photography section. Tried a fee shots and works well......" - by KPD78

"...... I have been experimenting with a Fujifilm S2000HD and it works fantastically! Brilliant app!" - by Am I Too Lost To Be Found? Tourniquet.My Suicide

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What's New

Version 1.7

Added new feature: - Count Down Alert alerts user when a designated period of time is about to elapse.

Users can match the count down duration with the long exposure time set on their camera to get audible alert when the exposure time is about to elapse while doing light painting.

When switched ON, new Count Down Alert starts to count down silently once user tapped the OK button to leave the settings view of Light Painting(*). Light Painting will produce audible alert when the count down approaches the LAST 5 seconds of the designated count down duration.

Available count down durations (seconds): 15, 30, 60

Changing the Count Down Alert settings will cancel the currently active count down.

(*) If there is already an active Count Down Alert, switching to and from the settings view will NOT start a new alert. The active alert simply continues unless user changed the Count Down Alert settings.
(**) 1st Generation iPod touch requires headphone or external speakers to utilize Count Down Alert.
(***) Count Down Alert defaults to OFF whenever Light Painting is launched.

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