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Animate your life with Giffer, the animated gif app.

A New & Noteworthy app, Giffer was designed from the ground up for making awesome animated gifs quickly and easily, whenever you want and wherever you go.

The best part about Giffer is its powerful simplicity. Advanced features are there when you need them, yet unobtrusive enough to let you create an animated gif with just a few taps.

Create virtually any kind of animated gif: stop motion animation gifs, cinemagraphs, jitter or wiggle gifs, time lapse gifs, seamless loop gifs, reverse gifs, text overlay gifs, reaction gifs, cat gifs, dog gifs, you name it. Effortlessly share your favorite gifs to tumblr, twitter, facebook, email, or iMessage/SMS.

· Edit previously created or downloaded gifs (New!)
· Crop gifs to any size ratio (New!)
· Over 25 awesome filters
· Cinemagraph mode with stabilization
· Individual frame delays
· Precise individual frame positioning
· Frame duplication and start/end trimming
· Add text with several font choices
· Add images from photos or videos in your camera roll
· Add images by copy/pasting from Safari or other apps
· Add borders/frames
· Single-frame or adjustable burst capture
· Adjustable self-timer
· Adjustable onion skin

· Share to multiple social media networks simultaneously
· Share to Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook (Instagram coming soon)
· Export your gifs to the camera roll (Note: The Photos app cannot play animated gifs.)
· Export single-shot frames to your camera roll as you capture them
· Check out the featured gifs made by Giffer users like you

· Your very own animated gif library (With folders!)
· Import any gif (from iTunes, from a URL, or by copy/pasting)
· Forward, reverse, single play forward, single play reverse, and back and forth (yo-yo) play modes
· Adjustable gif animation speed
· Streamlined, intuitive UI

Giffer lets you create real animated gifs, not lame video knockoffs pretending to be gifs. Animated gifs are great because you don't need any special plugins to view them. You can paste them directly into iMessage/SMS messages or post 'em to your blog just like regular images, without any cross-browser worries or extra effort.

More features are in the works. Got a killer feature you'd like to see? Tap "request a feature" from the settings menu.

If you have any feedback or get stuck, just tap "get help" in the settings menu and I'll reply to you as quickly as possible.


"Giffer" is a registered trademark of Taber Buhl.
"animate your life" is a trademark of Taber Buhl.
"Birds on the Post" video footage courtesy of Jeffrey Beach.
Surfer photo courtesy of Fey Ilyas.

What's New

This version fixes the "add photos" crash and non-playing gifs in the Giffer library.

3.0 Release:
I don't even know where to begin! For real. The first thing you're going to notice is the long overdue UI refresh. Yes, Giffer is going to feel right at home alongside your other favorite iOS 7, 8 and 9 apps.

You can crop your gifs now. (I know!!) No more square-only gifs. If square-only gifs are your thing, fear not. You can always tap the square crop button and keep on truckin' with square gifs.

You can edit gifs you've already made, or gifs you've downloaded from the Internet. Found a gif thats too long, or that plays too fast? Import it into your library, tap on it, then tap "edit" and slow it down. Add a filter while you're at it. Go hog wild.

Individual frame delays are back! Freeze time or draw attention to that special moment in your gif by setting delays on individual frames.

Rescue those poor gifs stuck in the non-animating-limbo that is the Photos app by importing them into your Giffer library. Just tap the import button on a folder and choose "camera roll".

I never thought I'd say this, but now that Facebook ALLOWS ANIMATED GIFS you can enable direct gif sharing to Facebook in Giffer's settings screen. It's off by default since there seems to be some rendering issues in Google Chrome.

Another nice new feature to check out while you're at the settings screen: "import frame skip" will let you choose how many frames to skip when importing videos. This is especially handy for slow motion videos.

Honorable mention: snap points were added to the speed slider for an improved range of delays. (From 0.03 seconds all the way down to 7 seconds.) This is great news for you slideshow-style gif lovers. I'm looking at you, @nasdaq!

Last but not least: you can now import gifs using iTunes file sharing. Open up iTunes, select your device, click Apps, click Giffer, then drag a bunch of gifs into the "Giffer Documents" pane. They'll show up in the "iTunes" folder within your Giffer library.

Of course I squashed a few bugs here and there too. The biggest one was how speedy frame delays would sometimes actually get saved as 0.1 seconds. (Instead of 0.07s, 0.03s, etc). Fixed!

Now that this huge update is out the door I plan on releasing more frequent updates; about once a month or so.

As always, with each update the app reviews are reset. So if you're enjoying the update and can spare a couple of minutes I would love a review! I read every single one. I'm sooo excited for this release and can't wait to see the gifs you make. Thanks, happy giffing!

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