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More fun than a photo, more interactive than a video or slideshow, a photo “roll” is up to 100 photos taken together that can be viewed all at once! Shoot, swipe, play, and share. It's the essential photo sequence camera app for your iPhone camera bag!

1. Shoot using one of four modes. Tap once to start and once to stop, or use the manual mode for accuracy. Camerolla will automatically group your photos into a roll.

2. Preview your roll by swiping to go back and forth in time, or press play to watch it like a video.

3. Share your roll as a video over email or Facebook, or send the entire roll to another Camerolla user so they can get the full experience.


Great for:
• Sports action shots (analyze the motion by swiping back and forth)
• People, cars, and objects in 360 (view your subject from any angle)
• Time lapse scenery (set on a table or use a mini-tripod for stability)
• Kids at play
• Home or real estate walk-throughs
• You and your surroundings (use the front facing camera)
• Driving sequences (zip from point A to point B)
• Crazy shots (make a new face with every shot in manual mode)
• Mini Lego animation (use the transparency to line up your shots)
• Artistic shots (airplane contrails in reverse, sunsets with crossfades)
• Zoom-in shots (walk towards the subject while shooting)
• “Matrix” style shots (burst while walking around the subject)
• Whatever you can think of...


Unique features:
• View your photo roll at any speed by swiping left and right. The incredibly responsive preview mode let you “scrub” back and forth instantly.
• Play the roll like a video and add crossfades with just a tap.
• Email the entire roll to a friend, complete with your settings (Note: they must have Camerolla to view and interact with it).
• Reverse the order of the roll for a cool effect when saving to video.
• All the photos in a roll are grouped together for easy browsing and access to all your rolls.
• Smart-Flash stays on for rolls where photos are taken close together, but only flashes on demand for rolls where photos are farther apart.
• Does the job of stop-motion, time-lapse, burst, and 360 apps all in one.


How to use it:
• Rotation mode lets you shoot any kind of roll in an arc. Create 360 panoramas automatically by turning in place, or walk in a circle around a subject to create a “surround” roll. You don’t have to make a complete circle, just stop whenever you want.
• Timer mode is for time lapse sequences. Set the camera to take a shot from once every second to once every 24 hours. Camerolla even ensures your phone doesn’t go to sleep while shooting (so be sure to plug in for longer sequences).
• Burst mode takes 2, 3, or 4 photos per second. Great for action shots or faster motion.
• Manual mode can be used for for stop-motion rolls or taking surround rolls using the transparency to line up each shot with the last.
• Play your roll like a video and change speed, add crossfades, or reverse the photos.
• Fly through the photos back and forth by swiping left or right.
• Share by saving your photos to your camera roll, exporting as video, posting on Facebook, or emailing the entire roll or video.

Let the good times roll!!

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Up next:
If we can get enough sales and positive reviews of Camerolla we’ll add export to animated GIF, publish to Tumblr, and more! Share a roll with a friend!

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This version supports iOS6 and later
Fixes a crash in iOS7
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