Add Text & Stamp to Video Free

Add Text & Stamp to Video Free

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Add a text stamp to all your pre-recorded video clips for free and mold them admirably with Date and Timestamp, Signature stamp ( add text to video), Watermark Logo as well as GPS Geolocation tag at your fingertips.

This multi tasker stamping tool has been designed with such a clear as crystal UI which will re-edit your pre recorded video with a one time setup.You simply need to choose your preferred stamp settings for once and let the video narrate the story behind it.

- Few Glimpse at Notable Points of the App :

• Quick and fast procedure to caption a video with text or stamp.
• Customized Date and Timestamp period
• Adjustable Stamp or Text position, formats, color and size
• Personalize and create your own signature text to add on video.
• Adjustable transparency level for watermark logo
• Customizable Geo tagging stamp

- Why Choose Us?

- 4-in-1 Free Video Stamp Editor
- Live option for previewing stamps look and feel.
- Composed, Developed and Managed via Auto Stamper

Video stamper editor app provides you a great platform to re-edit your recorded videos. With its quick knock performance, adding a text and timestamp to videos will be accomplished in a rapid pace akin Ferrari :)

Checkout brief explanations of our Stamping services.

1) Video Date and Time Stamp:

Date and Time is the most acknowledged stamp which is preferred by everyone worldwide. Adding a date and timestamp to video acts as a fixture to all your memories and makes you relive them from here to eternity.

Video stamp editor will work smack-dab as a free timestamp camera for your videos marking them with a Date and Time tag of your choice. It will re-edit your videos contrastingly and make them enticing among every single person.

• Perfectly used for:
Video Date and time stamp, Video Timestamp

2) Video Signature Text Stamp:

Willing how to add a word signature to your videos for free in order to publicize your videography skills in front of everyone?

Using the video stamper editor application, you can freely put a text to the videos as title or frame them with a cluster of words as caption. This will surely make wonders happen to you and leave your imprints on the videotapes in a fascinating way

In addition, you can even create and insert your own captions as a copyrighted mark to your Video clips and fling a spotlight on them.

• Perfectly used for:
Branding, Video Captioning, Signature Stamp, Video Text Editing, Make video with Text, Add Caption to Video

3) Video Geotag Stamp:

The name itself refers to adding a geo location tag on the video!

Don’t you think spotting all your adventurous video clips with a location tag will flaunt your expedition greatly ? If Yes ! How about slinging your hands on GPS video?

Video Stamper app will work as a GPS Map Camera for your to embed all your Vocational trips and tours videography with a Geo location stamp on it.

• Perfectly used for:
Video Geotagging, Adding a Location to Video

4) Video Logo Watermark:

Logo marking all your photos and videos are in trend since golden days. Every honored company is known and recognized because of their Logo itself, isn’t it ?

No matter what business you own, you definitely might have your own trademark which makes everyone recognize you. Then why not insert that trademarked logo as a watermark to your video clips from branding?

- You can easily add a copyright logo watermark to the videos and re-create them using one of the best video stamp editors.

• Perfectly used for:
Video Logo Copyright, Add logo to Video, Video Security, Video Watermarking, Trademark Logo

Add Text and Timestamp to Video is finished bundle of a perfect video stamp editing tool evoked with 4 unique functionalities in single introduce. Moreover, you can even add all 4 stamps to your videoclips at a time.

So what are you sitting tight for? Download it in a flash from App Store for Free.

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