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RSSRadio Podcast Downloader App

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RSSRadio is an advanced Podcast playback app, available on the App Store since 2010.

RSSRadio pioneered many features that are commonplace today and continues to evolve. It's my baby, I hope you give it a try (DJB, Author)

(RSSRadio® has ads, you can remove the ads with a simple one-time in app purchase.)


• Silence remover for downloaded audio podcasts, saves hours per week for the average listener without affecting sound quality
• Clearer audio with equaliser, compressor / limiter and volume boosting DSP effects (on video, streaming and downloads)
• Keep multiple devices in Sync with iCloud


• Organise your listening by categories
• Server side refreshing and push notifications
• RSSRadio is carefully developed and tuned to be nice to your battery


• Download or stream any size show over WiFi or 3G
• Fully supports password protected podcasts, including 1Password support
• Built in sleep timer
• Light / Dark UI themes
• Play only the audio part of videos, if you like


• Extensive directory of Podcasts, search for shows by keyword, category, view the top podcasts or enter a URL manually
• Find new shows from RSSRadio’s users listening patterns. RSSRadio can suggest shows you might like based on your existing subscriptions. •• opt out available, your data is anonymous

RSSRadio is free, with some limits. Try it now.


"RSSRadio® mobile is a very solid offering in the podcast app space. The app is very stable and offers some nice features" -

"I have found that RSSRadio® is one of the fastest podcasting apps when it comes to managing feeds and downloading episodes. At the moment, no other app has been able to match it when it comes to managing those basic tasks." - Geoffrey Goetz "Podcasting 101"

"RSSRadio7 is the perfect option for a beginning podcaster." - Emily. C. Gardener /

If you have bug reports or suggestions, these are very welcome at, I answer all emails.

RSSRadio® is a registered trademark of Dorada App Software Ltd

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What's New

Thanks for those of you who have rated RSSRadio on the App Store, this is a big help and encouragement. To those who haven't yet done so, I hope you will find time soon.
Thanks to the beta testers for their invaluable feedback.
Whats New:

* Bug fixes
* Bug fixes
* Bug fixes
* Pop up menu on Now Playing gives easier access to sleep timer
* Full podcast import will give option to re-use last used subscription to import into
* On screen confirmation of sleep timer
* The player can manage downloads, automatically downloading the next few items on your queue on demand if they are not already downloaded
* RSSRadio will queue wifi only downloads with iOS even when the device is on cellular, removing the requirement for RSSRadio to wake up and start the download and allowing IOS to start the download as soon as WiFi is available
* On 3D Touch devices, tapping and (softly…) holding a podcast on the podcasts screen will allow you to re-order them
* Enhancements to subscribing, including directly recognising some podcast links and a better workflow for podcasts url’s not returning a podcast feed
* When copying default subscription settings to existing feeds, you can choose which settings to copy
* “fast skip” now playing setting enhanced. Where the podcast has chapters and the next chapter starts in the next 3 mins it will skip directly to the start of the next chapter
* Custom now playing settings can now also control the per podcast playback speed *** OLD SUBSCRIPTION SETTING HAS GONE ***
* Custom DSP settings UI enhanced to make it more obvious which settings are per podcast
* RSSRadio will respect lower power mode, and disable automatic feed refreshing, the spectrum analyser graphic and some syncing functions
* RSSRadio will respect the reduce motion accessibility setting and remove some animations
* Added iPhone 7 haptic feedback
* Dark Theme now available on the iPad ( as you kept asking, asking, asking, asking, you wouldn’t let it lie!)
* Optimised background pushes and refresh for the changes in new iOS versions

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