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(RSSRadio® has iAds and limited subscriptions, you can upgrade to unlimited subscriptions and remove the iAds with a simple one-time in app purchase.)

"RSSRadio® mobile is a very solid offering in the podcast app space. The app is very stable and offers some nice features" -

"I have found that RSSRadio® is one of the fastest podcasting apps when it comes to managing feeds and downloading episodes. At the moment, no other app has been able to match it when it comes to managing those basic tasks." - Geoffrey Goetz "Podcasting 101"

"RSSRadio7 is the perfect option for a beginning podcaster." - Emily. C. Gardener /

"I believe this is the best iOS podcast app, i hope you like it" - Daniel Broad, Author

Download Podcasts to your device directly and stay up to date without ever having to sync to your computer.

• Download or stream any size show over WiFi or 3G
• Play audio and download shows reliably in the background
• Play shows at x2 speed (variable)
• SILENCE REMOVER for downloaded audio podcasts, listen to your podcasts more efficiently!
• Listen to audio with equaliser, compressor / limiter and volume boosting DSP effects (on video, streaming and downloads)
• Search for shows by keyword, view the top podcasts or enter a URL manually
• Podcast recommendation engine
• Organise your listening by categories
• TV Out support, watch video podcasts on your TV
• Fully supports password protected podcasts, including 1Password support
• Built in sleep timer
• Import and export show files to other apps
• Light / Dark UI themes

If you have bug reports or suggestions, these are very welcome at, I answer all emails.

RSSRadio® is a registered trademark of Dorada App Software Ltd

What's New

Thanks for those of you who have rated RSSRadio on the App Store, this is a big help and encouragement. To those who haven't yet done so, I hope you will find time soon.

Thanks to the beta testers for their invaluable feedback.

Whats New:


• Bug fixes
• Reduces the amount of memory required
• The "custom playback speed" subscription setting is only applied the first time you start playing a show


• Bug fixes
• You can change subscription settings as you subscribe
• Changing archiving settings will offer to bring shows out of archive for you
• Added subscription setting “Sort Order"


• Bug fixes
• iPad users can change the sort order of category playlists
• The interface options settings is now available on the iPad
• RSSRadio uses less memory when publishers embed massive images in their audio files, this was causing crashes on older devices
• You can use 1password to find your credentials for authenticated podcasts
• The actual playback speed is displayed (near the play/pause button) during playback greater than 1x or with silence skip
• You may see a hint about the silence skip DSP effect to encourage you to use it
• Sharing links to podcasts now used a custom RSSRadio link shortener
• Now playing screen has a visual representation of the audio
• The toolbar on the now playing screen will animate if buttons need to be added or removed
• Pausing no longer causes the app to briefly stop responding with large databases and syncing
• New download options, 2/3 Oldest Unlistened
• Sound enhancing DSP effects are available on videos and on streaming audio (easier said than done…)
• Various user interface tweaks and enhancements throughout

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