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Feed Hawk makes it easy to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the website you are visiting. Just open the share sheet and tap Feed Hawk. Feed Hawk will find the feeds for the website and let you select the feeds to which you want to subscribe.

The Feed Hawk extension works inside most browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It also works with Safari View Controllers.

“Sometimes a simple, single-purpose utility makes all the difference. Feed Hawk by John Brayton of Golden Hill Software is exactly that type of app.”
–John Voorhees, MacStories

“I like iOS apps that patch a hole in my workflow, and Feed Hawk fits that bill.”
–Stephen Hackett, 512 Pixels

“Are you still using RSS? If you are (and you should be, as we’ll see in a moment), then you should use the Feed Hawk app on your iPhone and iPad.”
–Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

Feed Hawk works with the following feed services:
• BazQux Reader
• Feed Wrangler
• Feedbin
• FeedHQ
• Feedly
• Inoreader
• NewsBlur
• The Old Reader

Feed Hawk also works with these self-hosted syncing systems:
• Fever: Requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter. Fever-Feed Hawk Adapter is available at: https://www.goldenhillsoftware.com/feed-hawk/fever-feed-hawk-adapter/
• tt-rss: Requires an HTTPS server with a valid certificate and a version of tt-rss from August 30, 2016, or later.

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What's New

Feed Hawk 1.7.1 fixes a crasher when searching for feeds at news.blizzard.com.

This update also adds significant changes to the privacy policy in light of GDPR. I was in good shape with regard to GDPR because I have never wanted to collect personal information. I have a simple business model, selling an app. However I updated the privacy policy to be explicit about the right to have personal information supplied or deleted upon request. I removed HockeyApp for crash reporting. The privacy policy is also now more explicit about Feed Hawk’s interaction with third party web sites when searching for feeds. A detailed list of changes to the policy is available in its Document History section.

If you are happy about this update, please leave a review in the App Store.

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