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pathRecorder - come back

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Do you love hiking in the mountains? You like to go sailing? Follow the mountain trails with your jeep or your mountain bike? Want to be sure to return to the starting position of your trip (also if You lost the path)? Do you want to mark Your voyage points with a special label (interest, careful, alert, sos waypoint)? Do you want to send an SOS with your current position, the recording of the path traveled and a call for help? Want to share your path recorded with its navigation data?
pathRecorded is the right application for you.
Before starting a path, press the "Rec" button: pathRecorder will record for you the path using the integrated GPS receiver.
At any time, by pressing the "Come back" the application will guide you back to path's starting point, tracing back the route taken (from the current position to the starting position - come back home).
During the "Come back" you can start a new path by pressing the "Rec" button: the application will continue the path from the current position.

Other features:
- Ability to save the path recorded on a file.csv
- Archive of paths recorded
- File manager for load, rename, delete and share the paths recorded
- "iTunes File Sharing" or "Open In" or "SOS email" to share the data of the recorded route
- Record the path on a text file.csv, import it into any text editor or Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice Calc for later analysis:
* .csv recorded file format: latitude(deg);longitude(deg);course(deg);speed(m/s);altitude(m);heading(deg);timestamp(sec);waypointID(int);
* waypointID( integer number ) are the saved positions of the path:

This navigator / recorder of path has been designed to work in places other than the normal navigation systems for cars.
It is therefore suitable for locations where cars can not travel, but can also be used on cars, on the normal urban or rural roads or mountain trails/woods.

No internet connection is required for the route recording (“Rec”) and return home (“ComeBack”) functions.

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What's New

* Added navigation data: bearing (B), track angle error (E), next waypoint distance (ND), home distance (HD), remaining time (RT), remaining number of waypoints to reach the home position (NWP)
* Minor bugs fixed for iOS 10

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