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Tunes Remote

Tunes Remote

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* The Bluetooth connection will not work on iOS >= 5 *
* Tunes Remote is no longer maintained, please use Mc Loud instead *
* Radio stations have to be entered manually, please use the AAC stream *  

Usage in short: Remote control music & video present on another iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that is also running Tunes Remote. Adding and controlling Internet Radio stations is also supported!

A quickstart guide to Tunes Remote can be found in the walkthrough section at

Remote control your docked iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and select the audio track or video of your favor.
No more need to walk up to your home cinema system to tell your iDevice to play a different track from a different album.
With Tunes Remote you can now enjoy your music or video from the comfort of your couch or chair without having to stand up to change what’s being played.

Note: to control iTunes on your Desktop you would want to use the Apple 'Remote' App. Tunes Remote works the other way around: it lets you control your iPod Touch or iPhone.

* Tunes Remote for iPad is a separate App / purchase *

Required ingredients:

- An iPod Touch or iPhone to play the music from the iPod music library, running Tunes Remote in 'Tunes' mode
- Another iPod Touch or iPhone running Tunes Remote in 'Remote' mode (or the Tunes Remote Desktop, available from, this will only work with WiFi)
- Both devices connected to the same stable local WiFi connection or two devices with Bluetooth


- Multiple Remote devices can control one Tunes (player) device
- Album list with album art
- Playlists
- Artist list
- Song list (by album, artist / album, playlist or all songs)
- Movies (added through iTunes File Sharing - works only with iPad supported formats like m4v and mov
- All lists have a fast-access index and search box
- Album, artist and time information for all songs
- Volume indication/control
- Progress indication/control
- Repeat (none, all, one track)
- Shuffle (on or off)
- Play/pause, next track, previous track
- All controls are two way (changes made either on the player or on the remote are immediately shown on the other)
- Full landscape support
- Internet Radio Streaming including 'Now Playing' information where available

* Please clear all caches on the Remote or use the Refresh button after upgrading / before editing radio stations *

For questions and feature requests please send an email to

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What's New

New in 2.5.3:
- iOS 5 compatibility workarounds
- Genres
- On the iPhone and iPod touch, use Collections to get to Playlists (including movies and radio) and Albums
- Shuffle all songs
- Repeat movie
- Movie controls are not shown on Remote

New in 2.5.2:
- Movie player improvement (up to 1080p on iPad 2 external display), correct aspect ratio
- Special characters in Now Playing information of radio stations (e.g. German Umlauts)
- Automatic startup of Tunes (player) or Remote (last selected mode) - white x close button can be used to get back to the selection screen
- Small user interface improvements

New in 2.5.1:
- Movies can be added to the Movies Playlist in Tunes Remote with iTunes File Sharing (iOS 4 or better)
- The iPod touch or iPhone can be connected to an external display to play the remote controlled movies from the Movies Playlist (iOS 4 or better)
- Audio Podcasts are added to the Podcasts Playlist in Tunes Remote (iOS 4 or better)
- Audiobooks are added to the Audiobooks Playlist in Tunes Remote (iOS 4 or better)

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