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Symphony Pro 4 (SP4) is a complete and easy-to-use app for creating music notation on iPad. It allows you to compose music for just about any size ensemble, from piano, symphonies, band, lead sheets, chord charts, guitar tabs, and more.

SP4 provides many great options to begin your work. Import a score via MusicXML, MXL, MIDI, or Symphony file from your computer, or from apps like Dropbox, Mail, iCloud Drive, or Safari. You can base your project on a template, or start a blank score and add additional parts later.

To add notes, select the easy-to-find Pencil mode, and tap anywhere inside a measure to begin editing right away. You can quickly specify note properties before or after placing notes. By switching to Select mode with one touch, you can also transpose, erase, cut, and paste multiple notes anywhere in the score.

With an on-screen instrument, a QWERTY keyboard, or Core MIDI compatible keyboard, you can quickly enter notes & chords in step entry mode. Or, record a part in real-time with the built-in instruments to transcribe into notation.

Version 4 takes greater advantage of the iPad touchscreen. With shortcuts and contextual menus to edit note & bar properties, many of the commonly used editing commands are right at your fingertips.

In 4.0, Symphony Pro supports a wider range of notational elements for your composition. SP4 provides a wide selection of dynamics & articulations, time & key signature changes, clef changes, pedals, and repeat conventions. Edit chord symbols, lyrics, and annotations using the iPad’s standard keyboard.

When you’re finished, print out your score with AirPrint, or export it as a PDF, MusicXML, AAC, MIDI, or Symphony file. Share files via email or directly to another computer or iPad via Dropbox.

More Complete Features:

• 114 built-in instruments for playback, and auditioning the notes you entered.
• Create scores in standard music notation or tablature
• Edit with an on-screen instrument, QWERTY keyboard, or a MIDI input device
• Dozens of shortcuts & gestures to edit & navigate. Or, use an attached QWERTY keyboard
• Reduce your score size, range, or combination of parts for viewing & editing**
• Print the score from your iPad with AirPrint
• Up to 15 instruments, 45 staves, 4 voices/layers per score
• Record a part in real-time with clicks at the beat with optional emphasis
• Backup & sync your scores with iCloud**
• Import MusicXML, MIDI, MXL, or Symphony files
• Export as a PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, AAC, or Symphony file
• Large selection of articulations & dynamics in the Expressions menu
• Multi-measure rests** for parts
• Grace notes
• Customizable notehead symbol & colors**
• Chord symbol, lyric, and annotation tools
• Edit multiple notes and rests by selection, toggle, and note groupings.
• Copy/Paste function can select multiple measures & staves, and cut single or multiple voices/layers
• Unlimited undo and redo
• Customizable stem directions & note beaming
• Transposing instruments & concert pitch options
• Change tempo or clef at any point in the score
• Stream audio or share your screen wirelessly with AirPlay
• Advanced document management support
• Create your own custom project template or use a built-in one
• Customizable part groupings for SATB and instrument families
• Customizable chord symbol, lyric, and annotation font
• Loop playback choices
• Auto-save, and overwrite protection for current projects.

** Part of the Version 4 Complete Features Bundle for only $4.99

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What's New

General Stability Improvements

• Resolves crashing during app startup, particularly on iOS 8
• Critical crash fixed when opening/closing score containing a percussion staff (i.e. drum kit), or when reopening app from background while a percussion staff was previously loaded

Playback / Record

• Bounce to AAC/m4a: fixed recent issue where extra silence was often present at beginning of exported track
• Improved playback of sforzando-like dynamic indications (e.g. sfp,sfz)
• Improved playback of dynamic indications (e.g. mp,mf)
• Reduced latency of metronome click during recording
• Fixes occasional crash involving playback with invalid MIDI out configuration
• Addresses various other crashes during playback introduced in previous build


• Note entry: fix issue where grace note property was sometimes incorrectly specified for a new note
• Multiple dynamic indications are attachable to an existing note/chord
• Menu items above a score symbol, including text boxes, sometimes failed to respond to tap gestures
• Improved text-box interaction and selection behavior
• Improved transposition behavior when dragging notes in a percussion staff
• Crash fixes when working with selected score symbols/expressions
• Improved automatic placement of dynamic indications
• Improvements to Input Cursor interaction when attempting to bring up the Select Notes or Copy/Paste menu items
• Fixes rare crash when rendering ties in the previous version


• Addressed unnecessary dialog messages in previous version if there was lack of Internet connection when iCloud sync was being automatically performed
• Addressed regression where Measure Navigation Ruler Play Head often failed to update during playback
• QWERTY keyboard: Addresses potential instances where key command input often became unresponsive unexpectedly
• Help Manual: faster loading, ongoing updates to documentation
• The MIDI Connections menu (available under Playback Options > MIDI/Recording Options) updates list of available inputs and outputs properly

Import / Export

• ‘Send To’ Option for AAC export prevents lock screen after audio bounce completion since it would cause Send To popup to disappear
• Fixes crash when importing certain MusicXML files due to an instrument import error in previous version
• Fixes rare crash when attempting to import an unsupported file type


• Fixed crash when VO feedback for a Staff Side Panel part was attempted to be generated when one or more parts was hidden
• Clef information now read back correctly within the Staff Side Panel
• Fixed a crash when using increment/decrement gesture to scroll to a new measure with the Navigation Ruler
• Improvements to chord symbol selection behavior
• QWERTY input: if no VO message is otherwise generated after executing a key command, VO feedback will simply speak the name of the command for better transparency (whether or not the command succeeded or failed isn’t yet indicated)


• The ‘Reset Cache’ option under Home Screen > Settings > Symphony Pro now resets the application settings as well as the cache, and has been renamed accordingly. Turn on the switch labeled ‘Reset Cache and Application Settings Data’ in order to troubleshoot frequent crashes, especially during app startup

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