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Symphony Pro

Symphony Pro

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A pioneer in touch-based music composition, Symphony Pro lets you compose complex orchestrations, lead sheets, chord charts, and guitar tabs on the iPad and instantly hear them played back. This is the easiest and most comprehensive way to compose sheet music on your iPad.

Record a part in real-time with the built-in keyboard, guitar, or bass guitar to quickly capture a musical idea and have it automatically transcribed into sheet music.

Import a MusicXML, MXL, MIDI, or Symphony file from your computer or from another app like Mail or Safari, create a new project based on a template, or create a brand new project, and you're ready to start editing.

To add a note, select a note length and tap anywhere on the score. Use the built-in keyboard, guitar, or bass guitar instruments, or a Core MIDI compatible keyboard to quickly enter notes and chords in normal editing mode or in real-time recording mode.

You can add a wide range of notational elements to your compositions including many different dynamics and articulations, time and key signature changes, clef changes, alternate endings, repeats, double accidentals, double and triple dotted notes, arpeggiated chords, glissandos, tuplets, tempo changes, coda markings, pedal markings, alternate noteheads, similes, and pickup measures. You can also create and edit chord symbols, lyrics, and annotations using the iPad’s standard keyboard.

When you're done composing, print out your score, or export it as a PDF, MusicXML, AAC, MIDI or Symphony file. Share your files via email or directly to a computer with iTunes File Sharing, or save images of your score directly to the Photos app and share them through Photo Stream.

Feature Highlights:

• 114 built-in instruments
• Up to 15 instruments, 45 staffs, and 4 voices/layers per composition
• Create and edit guitar TABs and standard music notation.
• Add and edit notes by tapping on the score or by playing a built-in keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, or a connected Core MIDI instrument (requires Camera Connection Kit or Midi Mobilizer™ II)
• Record a part in real-time with a built-in instrument or a connected Core MIDI instrument
• Import MusicXML, MIDI, MXL, or Symphony files
• Export as a PDF, MusicXML, MIDI, AAC, or Symphony file
• Tons of articulations and dynamics
• Add grace notes and customizable noteheads
• Chord symbol, lyric, and annotation tools
• In select mode, tap on a measure with two fingers to add a time or key signature change, clef change, repeat, alternate ending, or double barline to it
• Print the entire score from your iPad with AirPrint
• Edit, view, and play your score in portrait or landscape mode
• Edit multiple notes and rests at once
• Multi-measure, multi-track copy/paste functionality
• Delete a note, measure, or an entire selection area at once
• Familiar gestures for editing and navigating
• Undo and redo support
• Fully customizable stem directions and note beaming
• Transposing instruments and concert pitch options
• Change the tempo or clef at any point in the score
• Stream audio or share your screen wirelessly with AirPlay to compatible speakers, stereo systems, AV receivers, Apple TV, or other devices
• Manage documents in a beautiful bookshelf display or in a list with a built-in index
• Create your own custom project template or use a built-in one
• Customizable track groupings for SATB and instrument families
• Play a built-in instrument without entering any notes
• Customizable chord symbol, lyric, and annotation sizes
• View and edit tracks one at a time, or all at once
• Loop playback between specific measures
• Metronome click during playback and recording, with a customizable volume level
• Auto-saving
• Built-in manual

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What's new

— Fixes and Enhancements —

• When using the Continuous Scroll option, the clef and key are now shown as an overlay
• Improvements to user interface smoothness and responsiveness
• Redesigned navigation ruler, document list view, and other UI elements
• Improved readability when transcribing a rhythm using the Record feature
• Fixes crash when entering a note to a tablature staff when an active track was set
• Stopping a recording before the end of the current measure works appropriately
• Page numbers are shown in standard format
• Cues and tuplets are now groupable with normal notes
• Transposing staffs are now exported to XML
• Additional stability issues when exporting to XML are addressed
• iOS 6/7 backwards compatibility
• Fixes issue where having a slash ("/") in the title caused the project to be unsavable
• Fixes issue where part names could not be saved properly in some instances
• Metronome track presents completely dry sound, independent of reverb level.
• Metronome track is included in AAC export (if metronome is on)
• Fixes exit to Home Screen that occurs when loading a project containing certain instruments
• Sequences of notes containing accidentals spread across octaves, but with same pitch class, are repeated as appropriate
• Fixes extremely common crashes when importing through Musescore
• 20+ notational rendering improvements
• Visit for a full list of new features from our previous update in March


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