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Novation Launchkey is a powerful and unique synthesiser for iPad.


Launchkey includes 80 exciting synth sounds for performing and producing music. It is based on Novation synthesizer technology so it sounds amazing.

Launchkey gives you a fast and fun way to play with sound. Change each sound instantly using the interactive and hands on graphics to take your music to new dimensions. Just play a note and start moving things!

Now use your Novation Launchkey and Launchkey Mini hardware with the Launchkey app, control every part of the synth from specially designed control hardware:

• Control the app control knobs from the 8 hardware knobs
• Switch between performance nodes with launch pad buttons 9-16
• Access favorites with launch pads 1-8 (store a favorite by holding the round pad and a launch pad)
• Control Amp and Modulation envelopes from the 8 hardware faders (Launchkey 49/61 key model only)
• Control the app volume from the hardware master fader (Launchkey 25/49/61 only)
• Control the app Arpeggiator from the Play, Stop and Loop buttons (Launchkey 25/49/61 only)
• Switch between the Novation Launchkey and Novation Launchpad apps using the hardware ‘Track’ buttons

The Novation Launchkey comes in 25, 49 and 61 note sizes. For more information please visit

For more information on the Novation Launchkey Mini please visit

• Amazing integration with the Novation Launchkey hardware
• Powerful synth engine
• Dynamic performance area
• 80 exciting patches
• Two octave on-screen keyboard
• Arpeggiator
• CoreMIDI Network input
• Background audio
• Audiobus support

Launchkey is an iPad app and is not compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch.

Launchkey requires iOS5 and above and is recommended for iPad 2, iPad Mini and Retina iPad.

For more information please visit:
For support please contact:

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What's New

New in 1.6:
• NEW: Added support for Novation Launch Control (use Factory Template 6 for Launchkey app, Factory Template 4 for Launchpad app)
• Compatibility fixes for iOS 7
• Updated Audiobus SDK
• Bugfixes

• Updated Launchkey Mini firmware to version 211

• NEW method of working with Launchkey 25/49/61 and Launchkey Mini keyboards. Launchkey app now works in 'InControl' mode. Control the Novation app in the foreground.
• NEW pad lighting for Launchkey and Launchkey Mini
• Added support for Launchkey Mini Keyboard
• Automatic firmware update for Launchkey Mini
• New Patches

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