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Keep track of your CD & vinyl collection and wish list.
Just scan CD barcodes with your camera!

Note: This free download is limited to 100 albums.
Unlock the full unlimited app for US $15 (in-app purchase).

* Easily keep track of your CDs and vinyl albums.
* Just scan their barcodes with your camera, or search by album artist and title.
* Auto-download full details for CDs and vinyl albums from our Core online music database:
-- Artist, Title, label, release year, genre, etc...
-- Full song title lists, track lengths and cover images
* Edit album entries to add personal details, like notes, rating, purchase info, etc.

Optional: Sign-up for a free CLZ Account to:
* Use the CLZ Music app on multiple devices without buying it again
* Sync your album data between these devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad)
* View and share your album list online, with the CLZ Cloud viewer site
* Always have an online backup of your collection data in the CLZ Cloud
* Synch data to/from the Music Collector desktop software (separate purchase)

* Free to download. Unlock the Full App for US $15 *

Download CLZ Music for free now and try it for yourself!
The free download is limited to 100 albums.

Unlock the Full App for US $15 (no database limits).
NOTE: this is a one-time purchase, not a monthly or yearly fee!

* Questions or concerns? Come talk with us! *

We are here to help. Either to answer your questions or to respond to your feedback / concerns. Just contact us using the little "?" button inside the app (top right).

That way, we can have a conversation, answer your questions, solve your problems, fix the bugs you found, etc... We love talking to our users, as it helps us improve the apps :-)

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What's New

* Fixed:
- Update from core could triple track lists of an album.

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