Chord Player - for 90s Hits

Chord Player - for 90s Hits

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What is the thing you need in order to play the '90s hit music in guitar? It is an iterative practice and detailed reference.

Chord Player - for 90s Hits can change the speed of the video for playing a song of the '90s. The Chord Chain is a chord list that include the time information. When you click the Chord Chain, automatically the chord fingering will be displayed on the virtual fingerboard. If you press the play button, the scene of the movie will be played to fingering point that you want.

AB repeat playback function can be intensively learning the hard part to play. This interval repeat for each music has been saved automatically, even after you restart the app, you can move directly to the section that was practicing.

There is a point of view conversion option for left-handed and right-handed, in combination with the first-person viewpoint and a third-person point of view. You can observe how to play from a total of four directions.

When you press the button, such as L1/R1/L3/R3 was written in the lower left, you can change the perspective transformation and you can find the speed adjustment controller.

■■ Track list ■■

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
2. Come As You Are - Nirvana
3. Lithium - Nirvana
4. Basket Case - Green Day
5. Now and Forever - Richard Marx
6. More Than Words - Extreme
7. Wonderwall - Oasis
8. To Be with You - Mr. Big

□□ Features Summary □□

- Chord Chain: List of chords including the time information
- A-B Repeat: Press the "|:C:|" button. In front of the chord name, "||:" mark means the start of range of AB repeat. After the chord name, ": ||" mark menas the end of range of AB repeat. It supports auto-save feature.
- 4-Way Viewpoint: Right-handed first-person/third-person pont of view, Left-handed first-person/third-person point of view
- Play Speed ​​Controller: In units of 1%, it is possible to adjust the playback speed from 50 to 100% interval.
- Track Selection: Press the "|<" button, after it has been changed to "|<<" state, and press it again, it will go to the selection screen. It's possible song selection while dragging the photo.
- Off-line Playback:All videos have been previously stored in the app.

※ Support

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◆ Guitar Movie Curriculum Guide: By using the "App Support" link on the AppStore review page you can use the "Guitar Movie Curriculum", and you can use the basic fingering of guitar chords and some chord progression. You can practice and see the case. For those who are not experienced in musical instruments, we prepared to use for basic practice before using Chord Player. You can see this curriculum for free.

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