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Capo touch - Slow down and detect chords in your music

Capo touch - Slow down and detect chords in your music

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With Chord Intelligence, beat detection, and other sophisticated technology that was once reserved for full-size computers, Capo touch brings the power of our award-winning Capo 3 to musicians on the move.

World-class musicians are praising the speed and reliability of Capo and consider this a must-have tool for learning and experimenting with music.

“Capo’s a lifesaver, it truly is! I always carry my iPad, and now I can use Capo there and on my computer. I love the initial auto chord detection and the Add Chord button to catch every detail of the performance. It takes all the guessing out of learning transition notes, intros, outros, etc. I check everything in Capo!”

—Kenny Wright, bassist for John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, and more


AUTOMATIC CHORD DETECTION: Capo saves you time by automatically detecting chords when you open a song. Our chord detection engine is based upon machine learning technology, and will have you learning to play your songs faster than ever.

SLOW YOUR MUSIC: Slow down your favorite music without affecting its pitch, so you can practice along with solos at a comfortable pace. Capo employs a very high quality time stretching engine that makes your music sound great at any speed.

LOOPING REGIONS: With a tap of the region button, you've got an instant looping region around a bar of your song—locked to the beat! Tap and hold the play button to enter region looping mode, and practice in time with the original recording. Editable region colors and names help to keep you organized.

TRANSPOSING MADE EASY: Instantly change the key of your songs using an easy pitch slider, and watch as the chords and chord boxes update to reflect the key change instantly. Now you can quickly transpose your music to a key you're more comfortable playing, or singing along with.

INSTRUMENTS: In addition to guitar, Capo shows chords for ukulele, banjo, mandolin and 4-6 string bass.

CAPO AND ALTERNATE TUNINGS: By adjusting the tuning of your instrument, Capo will adjust its displayed chord shapes accordingly. You can also add a capo and select from different capo positions, which will automatically adjust the chords such that they are displayed in relation to the capo.

EFFECTS: Capo lets you modify panning, adjust a 10-band graphic equalizer, and apply vocal reduction to help you isolate the parts of the music you wish to learn.

iCLOUD SYNC BETWEEN DEVICES: When learning a song, Capo will save all your adjustments, changes and effects that you’ve applied to a song for future use. If you utilize Capo on multiple devices like your iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, your song changes can be synchronized to all your devices automatically.

TESTIMONIALS: Capo is inspiring some of today’s top musicians in the industry.

"Capo is AMAZING!!!! Very clutch. Especially when parts are kinda tough in the mix that I can’t make out easily. With other apps you lose quality, this still sounds correct. I could figure out without, but it’s awesome. Even when I’m tracking and need to get the BPM, it’s quicker than in my DAW. It’s so simple, user friendly... really impressed! “

—Omar Edwards, keyboardist/music director, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Eminem and more

"Quite simply the best and only app you need to learn how to play a song. The chord detection is accurate and having Capo touch on the iPhone now is great, where I need it the most —on the fly in a rehearsal studio. Useful, easy to understand, and packed with features, Capo is the secret weapon for figuring out how a song is played."

—Billy Morrison, guitarist for Billy Idol and Royal Machines

“I have been wishing for this software for years. It’s incredibly useful, whether I’m charting my own songs for the players who join me, or discovering exactly what is being played on a recording I love. So happy that the future has arrived!”

—Kristian Bush of Sugarland, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist

What's new

New Features:

• Add the “Now Playing” Song - When Capo launches while the Music app is playing, Capo picks up where the playback left off—slick!

• Low CPU Mode - Capo now offers a Low CPU playback mode for use with guitar amp simulation apps such as GarageBand or AmpKit.

• Change All Chords - Editing or changing chords throughout a song just got easier! When you change one chord, Capo will now allow you to change all the same chords with a single edit.


•The status of your Projects in iCloud is more clearly visible now. If a Project is in iCloud and requires a download for you to continue, you will now see a cloud download icon in place of the preview button.

• Capo now has a newly-designed user guide with animated actions to easily show you all the great features of Capo. Be sure to check it out!

• The Heads-Up Display now has a page indicator at the bottom, because many new users skipped the onboarding animations and missed out on the 2nd page of awesomeness! :)

Bug Fixes:

• Capo should now show more common ukulele chords.
• Some issues with switching iCloud on and off have been resolved.
• Region sizes can be no longer be adjusted too short to be useful.
• Resolved issues that appeared with songs that have identical names.
• Renamed the ‘Settings’ button to ‘More’.
• Various other crash fixes. Thanks for your reports!


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