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Capo touch

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"Quite simply the best and only app you need to learn how to play a song. The chord detection is accurate and having Capo touch on the iPhone now is great, where I need it the most —on the fly in a rehearsal studio. Useful, easy to understand, and packed with features, Capo is the secret weapon for figuring out how a song is played."
- Billy Morrison, guitarist for Billy Idol and Royal Machines

“Capo’s a lifesaver, it truly is! I always carry my iPad, and now I can use Capo there and on my computer. I love the initial auto chord detection and the Add Chord button to catch every detail of the performance. It takes all the guessing out of learning transition notes, intros, outros, etc. I check everything in Capo!”
- Kenny Wright, bassist for John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, and more

Capo touch helps you learn the music in your iTunes library quickly. By slowing your music, automatically detecting chords, or changing key, this new iOS version of the award-winning Mac App Capo's capabilities let you learn to play your songs faster than ever. Capo touch features SuperMegaUltraGroovy's brand new Chord Intelligence engine.

Capo touch will change the way you learn to play music and you will no longer regard your favorite bands’ music as inaccessible to play yourself. You can learn to play any music you have as a recorded audio file. This is the future of learning to play music. It’s no wonder the Mac version of Capo won a prestigious Apple Design Award and was named by Apple one of the 30 Amazing Apps to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Mac.

With Capo you can learn songs in an intuitive and flexible way. Your iTunes library is immediately visible when you launch Capo touch. The automatic chord detection appears quickly when you load a song from your iTunes library then updates instantly as you change the key, place a capo on your instrument, or switch tunings. With iCloud Sync, your adjustments will be made automatically on all your Apple devices, iOS and Mac.

World-class musicians are praising Capo’s flexibility, speed, and reliability for learning and experimenting with music. Whether used in their day-to-day work of learning music for a tour or just to grow as a musician, Capo is inspiring some of today’s top musicians in the industry.

What's new

Thanks for submitting your crash reports and feedback!

Bug Fixes:

• Corrects scrolling issues in iOS 8
• Add missing separator line to last item in song list
• Some visual fixes in the downbeat adjustment UI
• Corrects a bug where the song could be exited while still editing a chord
• Fixes an iCloud-related bug where deleting a song may cause it to re-appear again
• Improve drawing performance of chord boxes
• User-adjusted chord shapes now update when adjusting pitch
• Correct the sort order of the songs to better reflect ordering in the Music app
• Fixes an iPad-specific crash when dismissing the settings popover
• Fixes some crashes related to song previews of project files
• Corrects a visual glitch where the 'rainbow bar' didn't appear in the settings tab
• Fix the 'Send Feedback' label so it is still centered in landscape mode
• Resolved the 'stuck progress spinner' in some song views


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