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A+ MIDI Ukulele

A+ MIDI Ukulele

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Top Paid App in 28 countries. The most powerful iOS Ukulele MIDI controller/Ukulele learning system has just gotten better. A MUST-HAVE for all guitar, ukulele, banjo, & lute players. You won't find a more affordable MIDI Ukulele controller.

Don't play the Ukulele? The Ukulele chord system will teach you 204 Ukulele chords. A palette of 18 chords is ready for you to tap and strum. Swipe away from a chord to change it.

But why stop there? It's a full-on MIDI Controller! Control all the instruments in Garageband and other music creation software. (A list of free software below) Play 1000's of sounds (Piano, cello, violin, flute, etc).

Plus record what you're playing instantly into Ukulele tablature with Guitar Pro 6.0 = The fastest way to write down your ideas, print them out, and share them with others.

This app is optimized for the iPhone/iTouch ONLY.

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♫ Controlling your computer, you need:
(1) Garageband or other music creation software (See list of free software below).
(2) Run DSMidiWifi server (free @
(3) PC users also need to run LoopBe (free @
(4a) An internet router. Connect to the iPhone/iTouch/iPad via WIFI. Connect to the computer with a LAN cable or WIFI***.
(4b) Create a local network on your computer. Connect the iPhone, iTouch, iPad to the network via WIFI***.
*** Using WIFI on your computer reduces performance. Use a LAN cable.

Try these music creation software out. They each include 30-50 kinds of instruments such as the violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, flute, etc. A+ MIDI Ukulele controls them all.
Garageband (comes with every Mac)
Ableton Live 30-day Trial
Kontakt Player (Native Instruments)
Kore Player (Native Instruments)
Reason Trial (PropellerHead)
MuTools Free (MuLAB)

- pitch bend by tilting
- key velocity control by tilting
- quickly bar a fret
- quickly move down the fretboard
- 3 Ukulele scales
- professionally sampled Ukulele sounds
- hammer-on/pull-off
- auto fade out open string notes
- left-hander support
- Ukulele chord system = tap a chord and start strumming. (168 Chords included)
- apply a capo up to the 8th fret

Double tap the info button to enter setup

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What's New

- 204 Ukulele Chords. 17 variations for each key. 17x12 = 204.
- The chords work for Soprano and Tenor C tunings. Baritone G and Soprano D tunings will be supported in the future.
- Interface embellishment
- Added Baritone G tuning (4 tuning presets to use)
- Added Grand Piano Built-in Sound (play anywhere without a computer)
- In Tap-On Mode, all notes of a chord, including open strings, are played as soon as you tap a chord name.
- Now you can move up to fret position 10 with one touch.

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