WHO Growth Charts for Babies, Infants

WHO Growth Charts for Babies, Infants

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Track your children's development against 12 standard World Health Organization charts covering birth to age 5. Determine what percentile they are on and if they are slipping, cruising or going over their expected growth trend. Every doctor's office uses this same chart system to ensure your baby/child/teen is growing normally.

What do these charts look like, and what do they show?
Parents, caregivers and health workers around the world are familiar with growth references. They are the values of weight and height for each age against which they measure the growth of the children under their care. The current references do not indicate how children should grow for the best health outcome, however, rather they simply describe how the average child grows.

The WHO Child Growth Standards go beyond the current references. They allow important growth measurements, such as body weight and length/height of infants and children to be assessed against a standard optimum value. There are charts for boys and for girls, and for infants to one year, and for children up to five years.

These measurements are important indicators of health and help determine whether a child or a population of children is healthy and growing well. For example, children who are short for their age (below the red line on the length/height chart) or underweight (below the red line on the weight chart) indicate that their health may be compromised - the further from the red lines, the more
indicative of a health problem. In clinical practice, these measurements help with early diagnosis of illness and help monitor progress during treatment.

Importantly, for the first time there now exist standardized Body Mass Index - BMI - charts for infants to age five, which is particularly useful for monitoring the increasing epidemic of childhood obesity.

Features Include:
Unlimited children
Unlimited records
Touch ready data points for drill down
Export charts (Email your doctor)
Standardized, globally accepted charts
US (Standard) and Metric measurements
Detailed help on how to measure
Measure as often as you want, no set schedule needed
Edit your measurements
Add historical measurement from old paper charts

BMI 2 Years To 5 Years
BMI Birth To 2 Years
BMI Birth To 5 Years
Head Circumference For Age Birth To 2 Years
Head Circumference For Age Birth To 5 Years
Head Circumference For Age Birth To 13 Weeks
Weight For Age 2 Years To 5 Years
Weight For Age 6 Months To 2 Years
Weight For Age Birth To 2 Years
Weight For Age Birth To 5 Years
Weight For Age Birth To 6 Months
Weight For Length Birth To 2 Years

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