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The MedUS Mobile Viewer delivers seamless mobile access to the medical information stored in a MedUS server wherever and whenever suitable connectivity is available (see note 1).
The MedUS Mobile Viewer securely and automatically connects to the MedUS server of your institution (see note 2). It is an extension of the MedUS server and cannot operate as a stand alone viewer.
The MedUS Mobile Viewer opens with a Study List view to select and retrieve the patients and studies of interest. The viewer then displays all components of the selected studies such as CR images, MR or CT series and any other DICOM based images.
The MedUS Mobile Viewer displays quality medical images (see note 3) and includes a set of standard viewing tools (zoom, pan) through the multipoint touch screen interface. It supports grayscale and color images including annotation layers attached to the images

Note 1: Suitable connectivity
-Wireless communication between the iPAD and the MedUS server: through LAN/WAN communication controlled by the medical institution, or thought the 3G or 4G network of your cell phone provider
-Effective bandwidth of 1 Mbps or more between the iPAD and the MedUS server
-Adherence to the security and confidentiality rules of the medical institution and to other HIPAA mandated regulations
Note 2: Connection to a MedUS server
-Connection to the medical institution must be authorized and registered by the institution administration
-You may register with several institutions. The MedUS Mobile Viewer will automatically connect to your default institution when you start the application, and can be switched to the institution of your choice at any time
-Connection is secure and complies will all HIPAA rules and regulations when set up by the institution administrator in accordance with MedUS requirements
-No HIPAA protected patient information is retained on the device once a session is terminated. The MedUS Mobile Viewer provides instant access with full data security.
Note 3: Image Quality
-The MedUS Mobile Viewer displays the DICOM images in 8 bit depth. Compression algorithms used during the image transfer are lossy to take the best advantage of the limited bandwidth available. Compression is configured to preserve the quality of the medical images, with no visible degradation or artifacts
-The MedUS Mobile Viewer application is a medical device for medical image review only. It should not be used for diagnostic reading or viewing. Diagnostic reading or viewing requires full depth images and a medical grade monitor.

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