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Quick Calc

Quick Calc

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Why do so many calculator apps look like a physical calculator? We don't know either. If you want to quickly get the answer and make fewer mistakes, use a calculator app that works well on your computer.

Quick Calc is built to quickly do calculations and minimize errors while staying out of the way. Calculations are entered in standard format, for example 2*(3+4), and a number of handy functions, in addition to all those that you expect, are included. If you want to chain calculations, you can use "Ans" which contains the last value and allows you to enter something like: Ans*2 where Ans is the last result.

The resizable window can be made as wide as your monitor so you won't run out of room for those really long calculations. The Users Guide (select User Guide from the Help menu) contains a complete list of the supported functions for quick reference.

••••••••• Functions and Operators •••••••••

• Basic Operators: (, ), ^, *, +, -, /, mod

• Bitwise Operators: bitAND, bitNOT, bitOr, bitXOR

• Trigonometric Functions: acos, asin, atan, atan2, cos, sin, tan, acosDeg, asinDeg, atanDeg, atan2Deg, cosDeg, sinDeg, tanDeg

• Other Functions:

average(value list) or avg(value list)
baseConvert(value, original base, destination base)
charToNum(the character)
length(a string) or len(a string)
median(value list)
sum(value list)

• Constants: pi, e

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What's New

• Using the up/down arrow keys allows you to see and reuse the previous 50 calculations
• Added 50 user memories
• Numbers can be entered with commas (i.e. 12,345)
• Answers are displayed with removable formatting (i.e. 1,234,567.123'456'7)
• Quick Calc now reopens to the last window position
• You can select between degrees, radians, gradians, and turns
• All trigonometric functions are the same (there is only one cos etc.)
• support for multiple brace styles: (), [], and {}
• The Users Guide has been reformatted and expanded
• Fixed an issue that prevented functions with "c" in them being used

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