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Garmin® BaseCamp® provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can perform the following tasks:

• Transfer data to and from your Garmin device.
• Plan multi-day trips using Yelp® and your map data
• Create, view, edit, and organize waypoints, routes, and tracks.
• Find places, such as addresses, points of interest, and public land survey areas included in your detailed map data.
• View map data in 2D and 3D.
• View topographical information included in your detailed map data.
• Geotag photos with geographical location information.
• Print detailed topographical maps, PLS quads, and multi-page poster maps.
• Download and view BirdsEye™ satellite imagery and topographic raster maps.
• Import and view Garmin Custom Maps.
• Create, share and download Garmin Adventures (

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What's New

- Added support for downloading preview imagery for BirdsEye select.
- Added support for track metadata from FIT files.
- Added support for importing FIT files.
- Added support for displaying DEM shading for some cycling map products.
- Improved map rendering performance.
- Updated the Czech translation for “road”.
- Updated route avoidance settings to be more like PNDs.
- Fixed an issue with routes created in BaseCamp not displaying lane assist and junction views on Nuvi devices.
- Fixed an issue with Garmin Adventures transferred from BaseCamp being deleted after the device is disconnected.
- Fixed an issue with sending Garmin Adventures to device SD cards.
- Fixed an issue with Geocaches not showing up on Oregon devices as found.
- Fixed an issue with importing large KMZ files.
- Fixed an issue with adding duplicate photos when matching photos to track(s).
- Fixed an issue with canceling route calculations.
- Fixed an issue with failing to unlock city navigator maps.
- Fixed an issue with displaying the wrong day number in Trip Planner.
- Fixed an issue with viewing raster maps.
- Fixed out of memory crashes related to the undo buffer growing too large.
- Fixed other various bugs.

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