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Night Sky™ for Mac
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From the creators of the original Night Sky™ app comes an all-new powerful encounter with the sky above! This is the biggest update to Night Sky™ for Mac yet! Night Sky™ for Mac is a powerful educational app, bringing a beautiful interactive map of the Night Sky™ to your Mac. With in depth articles, and powerful tools, it's just like having your own personal planetarium!

“I’m very impressed with The Night Sky … it offers a delightful and polished user experience.” - Avery Wang (creator of Shazam)

“…Pure fun to use and really hard to put down. … Exactly what educational apps should be all about” - iDownload Blog

***** Over 15000 5 star customer reviews worldwide! – App Store

With a breathtaking new Sky View, Deep Space Objects, Sky Time Machine, Light Spectrum Array, a 3D Solar System, World Traveller mode and many more features, all designed Mac OS X. Prepare to be blown away with our most powerful and feature packed version yet!

All New Feature Set:

• Breathtaking New Sky View: A completely redesigned new Sky View comes to Night Sky™ for Mac. With a vivid new colorful atmosphere, animations and more detailed stars, satellites, planets, and deep space objects than ever before, prepare to become visually immersed in the Night Sky™ for Mac.

• Sky Time Machine: Travel into the future or into the past to view the sky how it was years ago, or how it will be in years to come, with the magical new Sky Time Machine.

• Light Spectrum Array: View the sky through a vast array of light spectrums. Beautifully presented in the all-new Sky View. Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Visible Light, and Ultra-violet all magically revealed in the sky through the palm of your hand.

• Complete 3D Solar System View: Explore the entire Solar System with our all-new glorious 3D generated solar system. We’ve even included the Moon and the Dwarf Planet Pluto. 3D Earth also includes a visual representation of all the satellites around our planet!

• Night Sky™ Community: Engage with fellow stargazers and astronomers in the exclusive Night Sky™ Community. Share ideal stargazing locations with others and explore locations others have shared.

• Deep Space Objects: Night Sky Pro™ includes a comprehensive database of Deep Space Objects with rich in-depth information. Journey further into space and learn more about things further away than ever before as all deep space objects have also been added to the beautiful new Sky View.

• World Traveller: Explore the sky from anywhere in the world with the new World Traveller mode. Fancy a trip to see what the sky looks like in another country? Then travel there instantly and view it from your Mac. Combine World Traveller and Time Machine and you could even look at the somewhere else in the world in the past or future. Perfect when preparing for that upcoming stargazing trip!

• Stargazing Conditions: Explore the Stargazing Conditions in your area for the upcoming week. Beautiful new stargazing graphs mean at a glance you can see the perfect time to go stargazing!

• Satellite Paths: A brand new feature, simply tap a satellite in Sky View and reveal the trajectory it will take across the sky! All satellites are included as standard in Night Sky™ for Mac!

So enjoy having your very own planetarium on your Mac, with the all new Night Sky™ for Mac!

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What's New

Night Sky™ for Mac gets a major upgrade!

We've brought all the great latest new features from Night Sky™ on iOS to the Mac, jumping from version 1 straight through to version 3.0!

This update brings the following amazing new features:

- Beautiful new Sky View
- Light Spectrum Array
- Complete 3D Solar System Models
- Sky Time Machine - Travel into the future or the past and check out the Night Sky™ for any date!
- Stargazing Conditions - for your local area, or check out the conditions anywhere in the world!
- Massively upgraded Sky Information Pack with sharing and printing!
- World Traveller Mode - experience the Night Sky™ from anywhere in the world right from your Mac!
- Night Sky™ Community - Explore Stargazing sites near to you, recommended by other users.
- Worldwide Light Pollution Mapping
- Night Sky™ Latest News
- Complete OS X sharing integration for social networks - share snapshots of the Night Sky™!
- All new mesmerizing soundtrack.
- Ability to save Night Sky™ images to Photos.

We hope you enjoy this massive update to the Night Sky™ for Mac!

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