LignUp Stamps MultiCollector

LignUp Stamps MultiCollector

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Mac OS 10.8 and higher

«A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…» philatelist used to keep information about their stamps in some simple text files or tables. But the abilities of the specialized software are incomparably richer!

The full-fledged database allows you to divide your collection into custom sections, to find and sort necessary records instantly, to keep all images in order and view them right through the program interface.

List of features:
- Customizable cataloging by any system - Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Michel, Fischer, Edifil, Yang ,etc.
- Multi Entry (stamps series).
- Reporting wizards.
- Customizable statistic.
- User defined cards view.
- Online Auctions search.
- Smart filters with ability to construct complex formulas.
- Search, Sorting and arranging by fields and categories.
- Customizable fields and categories.
- Export to various formats, including PDF and HTML.
- Database manager for handling many stamps collections.
- Easy to use, modern, intuitive interface.
- Customizable skins and layouts.
- Import and export to CSV (Numbers & Excel).
- Print items and reports.

What's New

- Item editor improved functionality - apply changes, move forward/backward, template editor;
- Search with highlighting;
- Ability to re-calculate fields with numbers;
- Ability to use string and date fields in the formulas and statistic;
- Fast editor - ability to edit items directly from main view;
- Ability to add custom files inside database;
- Synchronization of databases using Dropbox account;
- Customizable table rows height;
- Ability to set larger fonts for table, details, statistic, item editor;
- CSV import/export custom format settings;
- User Interface improvements;
- Minor user interface improvements;
- Bugs fixes in static, backup manager, main view, old formats file association.

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