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VoodooPad is a place to write down your notes and thoughts. Plant ideas, images, lists and anything else you need to keep track of and VoodooPad will grow with you, without getting in the way. You can even drag and drop folders, images, applications, or URLs into VoodooPad — they're linked up just like on the web. And with powerful search, nothing will be lost or out of reach.

Do you ever have a bit of information that you're not sure where to file? Put it in VoodooPad, it won't mind. Because the more you put into it, the more useful VoodooPad becomes.

Organize your shopping, travel, and home repair by importing coupons, important receipts, & travel documents into VoodooPad. Link to favorite items, preferred stores, hotels, rental companies, and other businesses. Create lists detailing your plans!

Need to share your VoodooPad document? Export it as a PDF ePub, or even HTML to make your own website. Maybe you want to collaborate with a few friends? Put it on a shared Dropbox folder and edit away. Need VoodooPad on the go? Use VoodooPad for iOS to access your document on the iPhone or iPad. VoodooPad even has a built-in web server to share documents over a local network.

With VoodooPad's powerful encryption you can easily organize passwords, usernames, registration information, and accounts. You can encrypt single pages or your entire document.

Keep your research organized and logical by taking advantage of VoodooPad's wiki links, collections, tags, aliases, and powerful search. Import research articles, class notes, and link to websites. Merge and split your information as it grows!

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What's New

• Rebuilt support for password-protected documents and pages to use modern, secure cryptography practices. This fixes major flaws in password protection which potentially allowed attackers to access protected data without knowing the password.
• Moved document cache databases out of the document itself and into Application Support.
• Fixed a bug that caused the "Reading the document for the first time" alert to appear when opening the document on different computers.
• Disabling automatic linking no longer disables Markdown formatting.
• The document migrator now accepts documents without an embedded UUID.
• Fixed transferring encrypted documents to iOS over WiFi sync.
• Fixed an occasional crash when quitting the app quickly after opening a document, due to closing a SearchKit index while it was in use.
• The New Document save panel can now be dismissed when running on the latest 10.11 beta.
• Page tags are now properly preserved when migrating a document.
• Fixed a bug where some unencrypted documents could not be opened because of a failure to parse storeinfo.plist.
• Fixed crashes related to JavaScriptCore when running page events.
• Fixed a crash when attempting to access a document cache database from two places at once.
• Fixed an occasional crash when closing a document window.
• Fixed a potential deadlock on startup which could occur when scanning a large number of documents on disk.
• Fixed hang when opening a document with a saved text zoom of zero. This shouldn't ever happen, but sometimes did anyway.
• Fixed crashes caused by displaying certain text in alerts.
• Improved external text editor support to work with any editor.

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