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!!! TaskBurn is now free !!!

Sick of your boring task management software? Wish you could light your Tasks on FIRE when you finish them?! Well now you can!

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Task lists can seem endless and boring, making the user less likely to use them. TaskBurn is different. With an intuitive user interface and engaging graphics and sounds, users will be eager to list their to-do items, and even more eager to destroy them once completed. Perfect for students, homemakers, retirees, and business professionals alike, TaskBurn provides a satisfying, graphical mini-celebration of completed tasks that goes far beyond simply checking items off a list. With its easy-to-use, graphical user interface this app is intuitive, fun to use, and completely "non-technical."

After launching TaskBurn, users create a Task Group via the New Group button on the bottom left of the app screen. The entered group name is engraved onto a wooden post sign above a small swirl of flames. Users then add a new task or set of tasks via the New Task button at the bottom right of the app window. Tasks are also engraved on wooden signposts above the Task Burn swirling flames. After a task or task group is completed, users click the flame icon on the task or group signpost and the task is destroyed in a fiery ball of flames.

Feature Highlights:
* Effortlessly add new tasks and task groups
* Instant accessibility through menu bar
* User-friendly interface
* Easily eliminate completed tasks with fun, graphic incineration
* Recovers destroyed tasks with the touch of a button
* Automatically syncs with all the user's computers through iCloud
* Group related tasks
* Ability to set TaskBurn to run on startup
* Engaging graphics and mutable sounds

Accidentally deleting a task or task group can be a frustrating experience. Task lists are the blueprint for important milestones that must be completed as users rely on task lists for their business and personal lives. Fortunately, with TaskBurn tasks are not removed permanently from the application after burning. Users can easily reclaim deleted tasks or task lists by clicking the flame icon on the bottom center of the app, and accessing the Recently Charred task items. Users may revive any task by clicking the undo icon on the burnt task. The task again appears in the task list and is "good as new," ready to be used as if nothing ever happened.

TaskBurn 1.0 for OS X makes task management easy, fun, and interactive. This is task management for everyone, unpretentious and user-friendly. It is always accessible from the menu bar. Users who always want instant access to TaskBurn can enable it to always be running by clicking the colored TaskBurn flame in the upper left hand corner and adjusting the preferences. Users may also mute the clever sounds of the flames for a silent TaskBurn experience. Users will never be without up-to-date task status information, as TaskBurn automatically syncs to all specified computers via iCloud.

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What's New

1. Mac Retina Support
2. Permanently delete tasks from the revive menu.
3. Fireplace sound fix.
4. Misc bug fixes and stability improvements.
5. Easier font to read
6. Disable Startup Animation for quick loading.
7. Mountain Lion speed improvements

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