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STRIP - Password Manager and Data Vault

STRIP - Password Manager and Data Vault

       Mac OS

STRIP is a simple and secure data vault that makes it easy for you to store and look up passwords, financials, and personal information while keeping data safe from unauthorized access by would-be crackers, malicious thieves, and snoopy colleagues. Having protected sensitive data for over 12 years on mobile devices, this desktop-optimized version of STRIP provides convenience and security and works perfectly with the highly-rated STRIP mobile apps for iOS and Android.


"When tied together with STRIP for iPhone and STRIP for the iPad, five stars are barely enough"
"STRIP does exactly what I need it to do, and its easy to use. I only need to remeber one password now!"
"Clean interface, and strong AES encryption."
"Simple interface and is very easy to use."
"Support and feedback from the developers is top notch."


* 256-bit AES encryption and secure password protection for 100% of the data you enter
* Personalized categories to match your organizational style
* Customizable entries including usernames, passwords, websites, notes, etc, or create your own fields
* While editing your fields STRIP will automatically suggest frequently used values
* Quick copy / paste between applications
* 80 professionally designed color icons for personalizing your entries
* Native Mac OS look and responsiveness that is similar to built-in Mac OS apps
* Import new entries from a CSV spreadsheet file (e.g. from other Password managers)
* Export to a CSV spreadsheet file to print or keep unencrypted copies
* Provides synchronization and backup service on your local WiFi network, GoogleDrive or Dropboxâ„¢ (free Dropbox or GMail account required)
* Synchronize your STRIP data across multiple devices like iPhone and iPad
* Maintain multiple database backups over time
* Restore your STRIP data on iOS without iTunes


STRIP is designed to work seamlessly with STRIP for iOS on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Sync with your mobile device over a WiFi network to keep your secure data with you at all times, even if you don't have your computer. STRIP for iOS is available as a separate purchase - visit for more details and a product tour!

Note: STRIP is not a web-browser plugin, it does not support Keychain, and does not provide web browser autofill services. STRIP stands for Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords. Learn more at


Strip is the only Password Manager and Data Vault that uses open source, peer-reviewed full-database encryption technology. Called SQLCipher, the data store for Strip uses established security practices like CBC mode encryption, PBKDF2 key derivation, randomized initialization vectors, and unique per-database salts. It further takes advantage of the widely trusted and peer-reviewed OpenSSL for cryptographic functions.

Even if you don't understand what this security jargon means, you can rest assured that we do. Can you say the same about other Password Managers? Learn more at

What's new

* There's a new auto-suggest feature for frequently used values so you no longer have to type the email address you always use every time you create a new login. Create a new email field and start typing yours in it, you'll see.
* New, improved login experience on the main window, much nicer than the modal sheet dialog in previous versions.
* Main window should respond to click on Dock icon, to command+0, and should not show when you've requested Secret Agent. Whoops!
* Fixes window level of Secret Agent with modal and system password dialogs. Secret Agent is always on top!
* Improves tab key navigation of main window; focus loops through search field, Categories, Entries, and Fields. Except when search results are showing, then tab loop excludes Categories list.
* Fixes up Help -> "New Feature Tour" window handling (it had an existential crisis).
* Fixes crash when reverting to selected backup in Backups view.
* Fixes some memory leaks that were making a mess on the floor.
* Fixes issue with Secret Agent hot key becoming unbound (also known as "not working").
* Drops jarring transparent black window theme in Secret Agent and Create New Label windows.
* Updates Create New Label window to include a switch to enable masking, an overight corrected.
* Updates support URLs under Help menu to use HTTPS and final destination URLs, not old redirects.
* Auto-lock now runs continuously after application lock, locking Secret Agent as well.
* That annoying white rectangle that appeared sometimes on the Secret Agent window has been dealt with.
* Local Folder Sync was pretty busted and we just realized it. Much better now. A more thorough testing plan is in place these days, which is how we caught these bugs.

Please consider rating this update or giving it a review, we really appreciate your feedback. You can interact with us directly at and Thanks for your support!


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