Nozbe - to-do, task lists, projects and team productivity

Nozbe - to-do, task lists, projects and team productivity

Mac OS Productivity

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Nozbe - Simply Get Everything Done!

Busy people and effective teams get tasks and projects done thanks to Nozbe system and apps for all major software platforms.

Why choose Nozbe?

• More than 9 years helping more than 300,000 happy users worldwide get everything done!
• Boost your productivity today - easily add tasks, create projects and sync to any device
• Into “GTD ®”? Nozbe’s feature set has been inspired by “Getting Things Done ®” (GTD) methodology
• Watch our acclaimed 10-Steps Productivity video course to learn more tips and tricks
• Work with others: share projects, delegate tasks, mention people in comments.
• Get notified about delegated tasks, mentions and due dates through push notifications
• Explain more clearly - add rich comments to tasks with Markdown or images, documents or any kind of files
• Use your favorite tools: Nozbe integrates seamlessly with Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box
• Add tasks quickly with parameters using #hashtags
• Make email actionable - add tasks with parameters and comments via email
• Access tasks on a timeline with Nozbe Calendar (optional sync with Google Calendar)
• Never forget anything - tasks with deadline automatically become your priority, create repeated tasks
• Become more effective with Project templates - create your own or add new ones shared by the Nozbe user community at
• Nozbe is constantly evolving! We update and improve our app every 4-6 weeks

Mac extra features:
• Today widget with your Priority task list
• Quick entry shortcut in toolbar
• Keyboard shortcuts - control Nozbe with your keyboard

“Simple to use with advanced features: The product is at once simple to use and yet full of numerous, advanced features. It is the only task management system I feel comfortable recommending.” - Michael Hyatt, bestselling author of “Platform”

Nozbe is free to download and use for up to 5 active projects. Use in-app purchase to unlock Nozbe Pro with unlimited projects or Nozbe Business with additional collaboration features.

Learn more about Nozbe at

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What's New

New features:

• Sorting and edit mode of templates list
• Now you can be even more productive with tasks and their comments in Nozbe:
• Pin important comment within a task to place it always at the top
• Copy task content in plain text
• Create new task from particular comment
• Clone task
• Convert task to project
• Close task details pane with clicking on toolbar, statusbar or empty space below task list
• Clear search history
• Edit attachments description
• Auto refresh calendar view after midnight
• Skip button in Welcome screen
• Remove option in avatar settings
• Additional keyboard shortcuts

Tweaks and bug fixes:

• Removed flash of icons when starting the app
• UI tweaks
• Scrolling when drag and drop project/category
• Remain new task form open after sync
• Highlight first position on autocomplete list automatically
• Edit category names in edit mode
• Hitting enter in the middle of checklist now creates new field below
• Nicer filenames generated by print server
• Sync categories counters correctly
• Refresh task’s highlight color correctly after changing project of a task
• Show Dropbox files thumbnails
• Remain focus on search input after sync
• Show proper AM/PM format in Settings->Notifications->Weekly reports
• Verify filetype before uploading it
• Fixes in project/category list edit mode
• Fixed problem with showing adding tasks in new template
• Highlight automatically first position on hashtag autocomplete list when start typing the parameter
• … and many more smaller fixes

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