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NextSurface is a software for creating interactive surfaces.

NextSurface is a software for creating interactive surfaces. NextSurface transforms any screen into a surface that people can simultaneously interact with, using hand gestures or pens, like on a physical whiteboard. NextSurface supports input devices such as Apple Trackpad or similar HID device, however, for a better user experience, we recommend a multi-touch device, such as frame overlays produced by PQLabs or ZaagTech, or our remote controller NextGesture for iPad.

NextSurface includes two applications for presentation and collaboration. The applications are based on NextSurface's proprietary toolkit for creating multi-touch and multi-user interfaces. The toolkit supports a natural interaction with visual elements and it supports gestures performed with multiple fingers. Common use cases of the applications are interactive meeting rooms, information kiosks for hotels or estate agencies, and digital whiteboards.

NextSurface provides a JavaScript API for creating custom applications on top of the proprietary toolkit. NextSurface's toolkit provides an abstraction layer which makes easy creating user interfaces and handling touch events and gestures. NextSurface is not a general purpose UI toolkit, but a programmable environment for building multi-user and multi-touch applications.

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What's New

* This release includes a new JavaScript API that users can use to create custom applications.

* Many examples of JavaScript code are provided with the applications and a reference documentation is available on the web site.

* NextSurface has been enhanced to support a new developer mode and custom boot scripts.

* The embedded browser has been updated to include the most recent web engine.

* Minor changes has been applied to bundled applications.

* Minor improvements of input controllers.

*** We recommend to create a new workspace when upgrading from a previous version ***

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