Liquid (Legacy)

Liquid (Legacy)

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Liquid is the fastest and most powerful way to use your Mac - MacUser calls Liquid “Revolutionary”. Stephen Fry says “Get used to it & you're hooked”

To use Liquid select text in any application, do the keyboard shortcut (customisable) and quickly and easily enter a command, through clicking through the menu or by entering keyboard equivalents. What usually takes enough time for you to think about will now take such little time that you'll do it without thinking, flying through your information.

“One of those utilities that you can't live without once you start using it” TUAW
“So useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it” BBC
“A great tool” CNN

Have a look at or email me at to learn more about how powerfully easy Liquid is to use.

PLEASE NOTE that 'Liquid | Legacy' is for OS X versions older than Mavericks and includes the In App Upgrade that Liquid | Indo has as a separate purchase.

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Localised Wikipedia, ability to post to WordPress with images, Google Reverse Image Search (select a picture and search Google for same or similar images) and smaller fixes.

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