LastPass: Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault

LastPass: Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault

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LastPass is a password manager that simplifies everything you do online by remembering your passwords, logging into websites instantly, creating strong passwords for every account, and so much more. Join over 5 million people who love getting more done every day with our award-winning password manager.

You only remember one master password and LastPass takes care of the rest. It eliminates the need to think about passwords and saves you time by filling the login for every website and every app you use. LastPass instantly syncs from your desktop to your laptop, your Mac to your iPhone, your tablet to the Web, and anywhere else you need to log in.


LastPass speeds up your workflow and helps you get more done. If you're tired of clicking "forgot password" and interrupting your day to reset an account, LastPass solves those problems by remembering every password and filling them for you when you need to login to a website.

LastPass helps you:
• Remember passwords for all of your online accounts
• Fill logins automatically - no typing required!
• Streamline online shopping with Form Fill profiles
• Securely encrypt and backup your credit cards
• Store memberships, IDs, WiFi passwords, & other important records with Secure Notes
• Sync all of your passwords and data across all of your computers and devices
• Automatically backup your vault so you never lose your data


• Generate a strong, unique password for every online account
• Search for usernames and sites in your vault
• Call up the Quick Search with the Shift+Command+L hotkey
• Organize logins and Secure Notes in folders
• Edit, add, delete, and manage your data from your secure vault
• Mark your frequently-used items as “Favorites”
• Securely store & backup documents, images and other important files


• Conveniently share logins with friends, family, or colleagues
• Share multiple logins and notes in a Shared Family Folder
• Simplify logging in to shared accounts for paying bills, managing projects, and more
• Updates sync automatically so everyone has the correct password
• Add documents, images, & other attachments to shared notes


• Only YOU know your master password, LastPass never has your key
• Military-grade 256-bit AES Encryption with salted hashing
• Enable multifactor authentication to lock down your LastPass account
• Audit the strength of your passwords with the LastPass Security Challenge
• Secure, offline access to your data via the browser extension and app
• You’ll always have your passwords, even without an Internet connection
• Real-time security breach alerts, so you know if any of your online accounts are at risk
• Flexible security features, like autologoff options and master password reprompts

LastPass is free to download and use on any desktop or laptop computer. LastPass Premium adds more features, like unlimited access with our mobile apps.

For the best LastPass experience, download the LastPass browser extension to all your browsers on your computers. You’ll login with the same LastPass account everywhere. LastPass is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Web, and more.


• Unlimited mobile access from all smartphones and tablets
• Newly-integrated LastPass Safari Extension on iOS
• Touch ID support on iOS
• Shared Family Folder for convenient sharing of logins and Secure Notes with friends and family
• More multifactor authentication options for locking down your account
• Offline access to your data via the mobile apps (must login at least once to store the data)


• Never forget another password
• Generate strong passwords that you don't have to remember
• Passwords are filled for you automatically
• Type less and get more done online
• Securely share your passwords with friends and family

Simplify your online life and get started with LastPass today!

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What's New

This release features many user interface improvements, which make the LastPass app work smoother, as well as bug fixes that improve the stability of the application.

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