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Acorn - The Image Editor for Humans

Acorn - The Image Editor for Humans

Mac OS Graphics & Design

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Everyone needs to edit images at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn super pricey wizbang image editing programs. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create your own. Work with layers to touch up your favorites or make something new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn.

Palette: All of the tools condense into one easy to use palette to keep your screen uncluttered and inviting. Easily move the palette around if it gets in your way, or press the tab key to make it hide.

Layers: Use layers, layer styles, and blending modes to make the most of photo editing by allowing easy placement of text and other objects without destroying the picture underneath. Layers allow you to try things out, and change your mind later on.

Tutorials and Documentation: Acorn comes with online documentation, tutorials, and a forum, so you don't have to learn by yourself.

Text: Acorn's text tools give you control over text while maintaining an easy to use interface. Everything is in the text palette from bold and italic to kern and ligature. There's even spell check, because we need it. To take it to the next level, convert your text into a Bezier Path. Since Acorn's text tools build on top of Mac OS X's, you get full unicode support, and rich text formatting.

Drawing: Acorn features brushes that let you draw, scribble, and sketch right on your image. Use a track pad, mouse, or even a tablet. Create your own brushes using Acorn's built in brush designer.

Erasing: Powerful eraser tools like Instant Alpha make removing unwanted areas of your image both fast and fun.

Layer Masks: Use layer masks in your image to block out unwanted areas of your image or to expose layers below.

Filters: Acorn has all of the filters you're looking for, and even includes a great interface to chain filters together to create unique effects.

Gradients: Acorn's multistop gradients place endless combinations of colors at your fingertips. Add and remove colors simply by dragging and dropping them in and out of the gradient preview window.

Vector Shapes: Vector shapes let you make squares, circles and lines, but keep the flexibility of changing things later on. Add and subtract points from Bezier paths and rotate your shapes with the flick of a wrist. Acorn makes creating shapes in your image a breeze.

Screenshots: As long as Acorn is open, press the Command-Shift-6 keys while in any application. Acorn will make a screenshot of your entire screen. Your image will be brought into Acorn immediately, ready for work.

Selections: Make different shaped selections, invert them, feather, even add a corner radius. Use Quick Mask for intricate selections. Or, if you're looking to quickly select an entire color, try using the Magic Wand.

Web Export: When you need to get that image size smaller and still looking good for the web, take a look at Web Export. Acorn provides an estimate for the export file size and lets you compare the compressed version to the original.

Photoshop Files: Acorn now offers improved support for loading PSD images, and for exporting your images as layered Photoshop files.

Performance: Acorn goes all the way up to 64. Bits that is. A faster Acorn means less waiting equals more time creating.

Automate and Script Acorn: Automate Acorn using Automator, AppleScript, and even JavaScript by way of JSTalk. And there are plenty of examples for you to build on. You can even write custom plugins for Acorn using the Python scripting language, JavaScript, as well as Objective-C.

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What's New

# Bug Fixes!

* Fixed a bug where drawing with a selection on transparent pixels would come out incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where the delete AppleScript command wasn't working.
* Fixed a bug where the rectangle selection cursor was showing up in the wrong location.
* Fixed a bug where writing out a WebP image via AppleScript or JSTalk would always make the background black instead of white.
* Fixed a bug where using the Edit ▸ Fill menu to fill a layer with an image would sometimes not fill the entire image.
* Fixed a bug where taking your hand off the shift key when moving multiple layers inside a group layer would cause some to be moved by 10x (with the shift key down) and others by 1x.
* Fixed a bug where a unique combination of clicking the "trim" option in the web export window while also setting a scale would cause your image to be scaled in an odd manner.
* Fixed a bug where setting the opacity for a group layer would incorrectly apply it to layers below it as well.
* Fixed a bug where the View ▸ Zoom in / out menu items wouldn't work on a new canvas view window.
* Fixed problem where a single click with the selection tools wouldn't clear the current selection.

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