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Riffstation is the ultimate app for guitar players and musicians to practice and learn the songs they love!

Load any song from your existing music collection (mp3, mp4, aac, flac, ogg, wav, aiff) and it automatically calculates and shows you how and when to play each guitar chord synced with the original music. In auto mode, it can detect maj, min and 7th chords with approximately 85% accuracy. Sus chords and maj/min 7th chords can be added manually.

See the guitar chord diagrams and hear the original music in perfect synchronization in any key, at any speed.

Slow down the music without affecting the pitch or change the pitch without affecting tempo. Transpose the song into any key you like.

Isolate the guitar track so you can hear it in greater detail. Or you can get rid of the guitar player in the mix and join in yourself.

Loop difficult sections with the beat synced loop tool. Now you can create perfectly timed loops to practice with.

Add an automatic metronome to the music to help with your timing.

Create custom jam tracks by rearranging the riffs in your favorite songs.

It does all this with the digital music collection you already own. No new content is required.


• Automatic Chord Detection and Synchronization
• Real-time Chord Diagrams
• Supports mp3, mp4, aac, flac, ogg, wav, aiff.
• Audio Slow Down Tool (half speed up to double speed)
• Pitch Shift and Transposition Tool (- 1 octave to + 1 octave)
• Loop Tool with Automatic Beat Synchronization
• Guitar Isolate Tool (mute or solo the guitar track)
• Riff Builder Tool (create custom jam tracks)
• Save Processed Audio
• Save Session Settings

What's new

• The "Tempo" tool can now slow down music to 1/4 of the original song's tempo.
• The audio quality of the Tempo tool has been improved.
• A more accurate chord detector is released with this version.
• The loop tool can now select beats from the very start of the song.
• A "Default Folders" option has been added. This allows the user to specify the behaviour and location of the files used in Riffstation.
• A "Keyboard Shortcuts" option has been added.
Several small bugs have been fixed.


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