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Small audio-player application to listen to songs from several sources one after the other: load one or more CD-Rs, mount external Drives (ex. flash-drives) and drop on the app’icon one or several folders containing audio-files, and watch mp3 DJ list all of the songs in a single virtual Playlist and play them continuously.

Main features:
• Supports playback of all Quicktime-supported audio-files (i.e. not only mp3!)
• Auto-loading of music CDs dependent on System Preferences (see App Preferences)
• Auto-eject CD-ROM option
• Quick access to the content of the Music folder
• Auto o manual displaying of videos (for audio-visual files)

What's New

Since the app is sandboxed, the system does not allow anymore auto-loading of external devices. Therefore the app now can auto-load music CDs only if the relevant option in System Preferences is activated.
Other external devices loadable thru drag-n-drop or menu File > Open.

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