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CalmusComposer is an innovative tool for musical compositions that allows you to compose music - even in real time. It composes music from the input created by the user - or generates music by itself by using the internal library/memory as a musical material for the compositions (CalmusAutomata).

CALMUS includes various compositional methods to modify and transfer musical ideas - using vide range of composition tools and methods for both traditional notations (MidiFile) and electronic MIDI devices and software. The program is constructed to compose various type of music, providing functions and options to handle them using artificial intelligence functions.

CalmusComposer uses musical input materila from the user to create extended musical works. The composer can import his musical ides into the system via MIDI files or play his material directly into the program through MIDI. Calmus will analyse the input and adjust musical parameters and functions according the the input material from the user.

The CALMUS library contains various type of musical ideas that can be used for a new creation. The composer can use the library along with his own musical ideas to develop his own artistic inclination and create his personal musical library. Within a few seconds CALMUS can create musical movements for traditional and electronic (MIDI) instruments.

In realtime composition - an improvisation combined with artificial intelligence compositional methods for real-time performance are new ways of creating unique atmospheres in performance.

CALMUS is complex composing system with simple interface - it is a new option for everyone to become a composer and compose own music.

For realtime graphical visualisation of the music from CalmusComposer - a special designed free app - CalmusNotation - is available in AppStore.

Calmus has bee used to compose music for symphony orchestra, tratitional instruments, music for electronic media, films, stage productions, games and for various entertaining projects.

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What's New

1. Input cell(s) (MIDI) are now included in the composition (in the beginning)
2. Bug fixed when a composition process starts before the previous one is completed...
3. Longer input cells now allowed
4. Entering material via MIDI - same orchestration - no change
5. Improved analyser for input MIDI
6 Input cell(s) (original) altered to a new scale - when changing scales
7. VPN internet conflict solved
8. Sounds now loading from internal library
9. Transpose pitch-slider fixed
10. New internal objects in Object Library

Earlier updates

1. AUTOMATA improved - where CALMUS composes music using memory and compositional methods of the system to endlessly coming up new "Royalty Free Music" - music related to the East and West and Past - and theFuture.
2. Name conflict solved when saving files and MIDI FILES
3. Orchestration improved
4. Automatic creation off an object - by playing new material into CALMUS - via MIDI
5. Play new material directly into an empty "selected" object - via MIDI
6. Playback error fixed - after re-naming an object
7. Faster computation - faster composing time - but short notes calls for longer composing time
8. Direct export to CalmusGaming (CalmusGaming coming later to the market)
9. Error fixed when adding a melody from the Melody library
10.Error fixed when adding a melody from the Melody library - with the same instruments
11. Bugs fixed when working on more than one object at the same time - in the main window
12. Name conflicts between objects holding the same name - fixed
13. Play from MIDI directly into a "selected" melody
14. Conflict solved when playing MIDI and exporting MIDI FILES - as a project (more than one object)
15. Extended HELP!
16. Melody name conflict fixed when changing instruments

Known bugs:
When saving - all MIDI files must have the ending .mid
Some problems when recording with MIDI and using slow computers.
When selecting objects during playback in the main window - sometimes the sound changes happens slowly
When AUTOMATA has been going on for hours it can possible get exhausted ... (as happens sometimes to the living composer)

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