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Boom Recorder Lite is a stereo field recorder. It has been designed to be used during the high stress production of a TV or film shoot, a concert or a live stage performance. Boom Recorder Lite has many metadata fields that are used during a film production, making it easy to keep track of the many audio files in post production.

- Records to WAV and CAF files
- 16 bit, 24 bit integer and 32 bit floating point sample format
- Any sample rate supported by the audio interface
- Recording to multiple storage devices at once
- Records metadata including project, scene, take, timecode and channel names
- WAV files are recorded in Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) with iXML metadata
- Sound reports are generated in HTML format
- Decodes LTC Timecode from an audio channel (uses 1 channel)
- Pre record buffer, recording before you press the record button
- Spectrum Analyzer
- Mixing and routing on inputs and outputs

What's New

- Increase performance and reduce IO when reading all audio files after every recording to create a soundlog.
- Add logging of file stats when failing to open a file.
- Fixed bug with empty bookmark from preferences file, specifically for the template directory.
- Removed a debug log that is not useful.
- Add the %A placeholder to the filename template. This allows for naming of files most useful for AVID.
It replaces the appended file number with a channel number between _01 and _16 at the end of the filename,
and it inserts two letters (AA-AZ) as an identifier of a set of 16 channels where the %A is used.
The position of the two letters allows for easy alphabetical sorting in a file manager so that it easy to
drag and drop a set of 16 files. (ti-bf6b82)
- Update some graphical elements to match closer to Yosemite style. (ti-84b478)

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