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Skeleton Premium

Skeleton Premium

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Visible Body’s Skeleton Premium is an all-new app from Visible Body, with content not included in any of our other apps. Skeleton Premium provides an encyclopedic anatomical reference of skeletal anatomy that is more complete than any other skeletal system app. It is the only app that provides true 3D models of each bone in the articulated skeleton and hundreds of ligaments.

Skeleton Premium includes over 800 bony landmarks. These landmarks are (1) illustrated in color on 3D bone models, (2) described in the supporting text, and (3) accompanied by audio pronunciations. The app also includes more than 200 preset views that can be rotated, zoomed, customized, and saved to a personal library. 3D models of bone tissue, moving 3D models of synovial joints, illustrations and animations on pathologies, and a quiz section complete this encyclopedic anatomical reference of skeletal anatomy.

Content in the App
* True 3D models of bones and ligaments in a complete articulated skeleton that can be rotated and zoomed to study details.
* Over 800 bony landmarks and regions illustrated in color. Additional information for each landmark includes its pronunciation and table data that lists attachments, articulations, locations, and nerve and vascular passage.
* More than 200 preset views that present individual landmarks on each bone and articulations and ligaments by skeletal regions (skull, vertebral column, thoracic cage, upper limbs, and lower limbs).
* 3D moving models of synovial joints.
* A gallery of animations and illustrations that show bone tissue, pathologies, and regional anatomy.
* A quiz bank with over 500 questions.

* Access hundreds of preset views by region or bone name. Tap on a thumbnail to launch the 3D model.
* Tap on a bone or bony landmark to learn more: get its name, definition or information about its function, and its pronunciation.
* Create views. Use the breadcrumb trail or the search feature to add ligaments and bones to any view. Rotate, zoom, hide, or fade structures to study anatomy from any angle and with any combination of bones and ligaments.
* Use the Save View function to create a library of custom views. Save screenshots to the photo album.
* Use the Gallery section to reference regional anatomy and review common pathologies.
* Select the Quiz section for self-review tests on the bones of the skull, axial, or appendicular skeleton regions.

About the anatomy content: Skeleton Premium is the most sophisticated and complete, true 3D model of the human skeleton available. The app includes the skeleton model from the Human Anatomy Atlas, as well as an additional skeleton model that details 800+ landmarks on bones throughout the skeleton. There are also 3D models of joints and bone tissue, and numerous illustrations and animations. The content was created by a team of medical illustration experts with decades of experience in biomedical visualization. These experts work in conjunction with a team of anatomy experts who review all visual representations of bones and the pronunciations and text entries that provide further information about each bone. Please send any feedback to

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This app was previously known as "Skeleton Premium 2".

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