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DWG Maker - For PDF to DWG

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CAD Maker is a tool for converting vector graphics to CAD files, including various vector formats to various versions of CAD.

Sometimes you receive a PDF file or other vector graphics that you want to convert it to a .dwg file or a .dxf file, but you do not have a good way to do this and you have to draw each pattern in the CAD tool. Now you do not have to do that, with CAD Maker, you can easily complete this thing, just need to press a few buttons, it will save you a lot of time, let you put your attention on other things.

Supported formats:
1. PDF: PDF files must contain vector graphics.(Free of PDF files within 100k)
2. DWF: Drawing Web Format(Autodesk).(in app purchase)
3. DAE: COLLAborative Design Activity(Collada).(in app purchase)
4. DGN: MicroStation and Interactive Graphics Design System (IGDS) CAD supported CAD format.(in app purchase)
5. DXF: AutoCAD format.(in app purchase)
6. DWG: AutoCAD format.(in app purchase)
7. SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics(.svg files).(in app purchase)
8. MS-WMF: Windows Metafile Format.(in app purchase)
9. MS-EMF: Enhanced Metafile Format.(in app purchase)

Main Feature:

1. Multiple vector graphics to CAD:
- Convert PDF to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert SVG to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert EMF to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert WMF to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert DWF to dxf, dwg,
- Convert DAE to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert DGN to dxf, dwg and dwf,
- Convert DXF and DWG to diffrent version of dwg and dxf,
- Convert DXF and DWG to dwf.

2. Two Conversion Modes for vector graphics(PDF, SVG, EMF, WMF) to CAD: Output Lines and Output All Entities.

Output Lines: Convert the lines in the PDF file, excluding the text, if you need to get the lines in the PDF file, you can check the "Output Lines, excluding text entities" button. In addition, you can set the Output Lines parameters in the "Set More Parameters".

Output All Entities: Convert all the entities in the PDF file, including lines and text, etc. And you can set the Output All Entities parameters in the "Set More Parameters".

Note: When you set the Output Lines and Output All Entities parameters, you need to make sure that you have selected the correct mode ("Output Lines, excluding text entities" on the main interface, defaults to Output All Entities).

3. Output Format: The default output format is R14. If you need to convert to other versions of dwg and dxf, you can choose according to your needs.

4. Preview: All recognizable conversion formats support preview, including PDF, SVG, EMF, WMF, DWF, DAE, DGN, DXF, and DWG. And allows you to resize the preview window, zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse, double-click to restore preview. If your vector graphics are large, loading the preview will take a lot of time, you can choose not to load, just check the "Disable loading preview" button. When you need to view the preview, you can load it through "Load Preview" and "Load All Preview" in the PopupMenu of the file list.

5. User-friendly Interface: Click on the header to sort column, open the source file directory with "Show in Finder", open the output directory, batch conversion of different types of files to CAD, etc.

Note: This tool only supports vector graphics, when you convert PDF files, you need to pay attention to whether your PDF file is a vector graphics. When your vector graphic file size is large(size>10M), the conversion may take a long time, the tool will not respond to your operation(appears color wheel), please be patient. In the test, there is a PDF vector file, the size is 28.6M, the output dxf file is 39M, conversion takes about 4 minutes, you can use this time to estimate your own conversion time.

We regularly update the product, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send a message to the mailbox(moonlight_beauty@yeah.net), or leave a message on our website.

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What's New

Version 4.0
● Support Chinese localization.
● Change the APP name from CAD Maker to DWG Maker - For PDF to DWG.

Version 4.0
● Minor Fixes.
Note: Old users please do not upgrade to this version(4.0), this version is updated with built-in purchase.

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