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Image Bucket

Image Bucket

       Mac OS

Image Bucket lets you resize, watermark, transform and export photos (from a few to thousands) quickly and easily with its powerful batch/bulk features.

* Exports to: JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP and JP2
* Opens: JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, JP2, PSD and TGA
* Option to persist original photo's metadata
* Option to set DPI of exported photos
* Export all photos or only selected photos
* Export photos to a selected folder (with optional filename prefix/postfix) or overwrite original photos.

* Width x height - You specify the exact width and height you want the images to be.
* Width (height proportional) - You specify only the width and Fotos will correctly set the height.
* Height (width proportional) - You specify only the height and Fotos will correctly set the width.
* Longest side (other side proportional) - You specify a single size, the image's longest side will be resized to the specified size and the other side resized accordingly.
* Max width x Max height (proportional) - This option ensures that images are no larger than the specified width and height whilst keeping proportions.
* Resizing can be specified in pixels or percentages.

* Font type, style, size, color, character spacing
* 9 alignment positions with optional x/y offsets
* Text opacity
* Optional drop-shadow and color
* Prefixing of watermark text with filename, path, parent folder and extension
* Multi-line watermark text

* Select an existing image file to use as a watermark
* 9 alignment positions with optional x/y offsets
* Control of image opacity
* Option to resize image watermark as % of photo width

* Image rotation (90 left, 90 right or 180 degrees)
* Image flipping (horizontally, vertically, horizontally & vertically)

* Preview image changes within the application before exporting them. Including image width, height and file size.
* Pressing the Magnify-glass button, the shortcut key ALT+CMD+O, or double-clicking on the Photo View opens a temporary copy of the modified photo with Finder's default application.

* Two different saving modes: "Export To Folder..." or "Overwrite Original Photos".
* In export modes you can prefix or postfix the original filenames, allowing you to, for example, append _thumb to the end of each resized image.

For any support issues or questions, please contact us via our website so that we can respond directly to you.

What's new

* Pressing the Magnify-glass button, the shortcut key ALT+CMD+O, or double-clicking on the Photo View, now opens a temporary copy of the modified photo currently showing in the Photo View with Finder.

* Pressing the Copy shortcut key (CMD+C), or selecting Edit > Copy from the main menu, now copies the selected modified photos to the pasteboard/clipboard.

* The Photo View context menu items (and main menu items) “Show in Finder”, “Open with Finder” and “Open With” now perform actions on the modified photos rather than the original photos. The Stream View context menu items, as before, apply to the original photos.

* Double-clicking on a Stream View item now opens the original photo with Finder, as opposed to displaying the context-menu.

* It is now possible to suppress the file overwrite warnings.

* Fixed control animation glitch.

* Fixed intermittent crashes whilst exporting.

* Application now quits, when window is closed.


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