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Screen Snake

Screen Snake

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Are you bored? Waiting for a download to finish?
Sometimes you just want to play a simple game, but you can't find one. That's why you need this awesome app!

Screen snake is a re-make of the classic snake game, but it's a very original re-make : instead of playing it in a boring window, let's play it ⓞⓝ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓢⓒⓡⓔⓔⓝ ⓘⓣⓢⓔⓛⓕ!!!

Features :
① Simple, intuitive design
② Change the snake's color (by pressing the space bar)
③ Small file size
④ Hours of fun
⑤ And much more !

What are you waiting for? Are you never bored? Or didn't you notice the app is free? Just try it out, you'll probably use it all the time!

Note : If you can't access the preferences, press command-comma (⌘-,). This will open the preference panel.

What's new

Feature requests can be done whenever you want at I've replied to many e-mails lately.
Many persons seem to have problems with quitting the app if the interface is hidden. If you can't focus the app anymore, you can use Activity Monitor to quit it (Activity Monitor is pre-installed and can be found in /Applications/Utilities/).
Some people ask me how they can uninstall the app. I don't know what is meant by uninstalling, but quitting the app should work fine.

N.B. Please note that some features are not free. It took a lot of work to make this app. This is a chance for you to donate. The app itself will remain free.

Features (features marked with an x are only available in Screen Snake Plus or by buying the features in-app) :
x Mirroring - Allows you to turn the snake around by steering him in the opposite direction
- Multiplayer - Play with your friends
x Multi-Screen - Go from one screen to the other
- Mouse-Controls - Control the snake with mouseclicks (only works if 'hide on click' and 'quit on click' are disabled)
- Quick Hiding - Allows you to hide the snake more quickly by pressing 'h'
- Zooming - A pinch on your trackpad changes the size of the snake
- Constant Growing - Makes the snake grow constantly (the tail doesn't move)
- Timed Gaming - Every 100 ticks, the food dot changes posiiton
x Saving - Upon quitting, your game is saved
- Grid - Draws a grid on your screen
- Optional Highscore Notification

Bug fixes :
- Game color is remembered, and an exact color can now be chosen from a dropdown menu
- Keep on top & Hide on click cannot be enabled at the same time anymore
- Food does never appear underneath the status bar anymore. Because drawing over the status bar would make the interface buggy, I decided not to do so.

Changes :
- Snake size is adapted better to every screen by using rectangles instead of squares (this means some
less common screen resolutions are supported too)
- Quicker collision detection (uses more memory)
- Brought the old icon back because it seemed to be popular
- Only one highscore
- Brought old interface back (no sliding out of the status bar, but quicker, simple screens)
- Levels will not be implemented anymore. It's usually very buggy and/or slow
- Game immediately restarts upon game-over, unless you got a highscore and chose to get notifications
- Multiplayer 'winner' is not reported anymore, because it is unnecessary and would necessarily make it a competition


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