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100 Rogues

100 Rogues

       Mac OS

100 Rogues is currently featured by Apple as one of the "Best Role-Playing Games" for iOS. It's great on Mac OS, too!

100 Rogues was recently listed in the top 40 games on the OS X App Store.

100 Rogues, one of GamePro's "36 Best iPhone Games", is pretty awesome on a Mac, too!

... About 100 Rogues ...
100 Rogues is a dungeon crawling adventure for Mac OS, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You won’t find another game that looks, plays or sounds like 100 Rogues!

... Reviews ...
• "100 Rogues’ personality kept my hands on the keyboard and before I knew it several hours had slipped through my nimble fingers" - App Store Arcade
• "jolly, accessible but thoroughly brutal" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
• "One of the most captivating, refined & rewarding games on the App Store" - Touch Arcade
• "100 Rogues blends arcade thrills with engrossing dungeon crawling. It's the very best of both worlds" - Mobot
• "In presentation, gameplay, & charm, 100 Rogues excels" - GameZebo
• "100 Rogues will take its place as one of the best role-playing games" - Pocket Gamer
• "Those of you looking for strategic challenge with RPG elements now have the perfect game" - Appolicious Advisor
• "dungeon crawling with a strategic twist" - TouchGen
• "Retro music & distinctive monster designs smother 100 Rogues with sweet, sweet eye & ear candy" - App Safari

... Features ...
• A mixture of handcrafted and randomly generating maps.
• Three unique player classes -- each with completely different skill trees and abilities. A variety of "Monster" class characters, too!
• Discover swords, axes, daggers, throwing knives, rocks, food, potions, scrolls, armor and gold as well as many rare items.
• Nearly 60 fun, challenging monsters – including Skybabies, Robots, Ghosts, Candy Clowns and Gummy Rats, each with unique tactics and weaknesses.
• Original artwork & arcade-style music – An original score & vivid pixel art make 100 Rogues a visual and aural pleasure.
• More – Future additions of a fourth playable class, challenges, another environment, and more!

What's new

Take a brief look at our upcoming game, 100 Trials, and an upcoming player class, The Dungeoneer! Demo level accessible via Challenge Mode 11 in this update.

Balance Changes:
Fire Cage and Launch Grenade now cost more energy to cast
100 Trials' Beta removed from Challenge Mode UI

UI Improvements:
Monsters now briefly display a health bar when attacked

Bug Fixes:
Issues with Impractical Trinkets and Flippable Comms Devices crashing have been resolved

Performance Improvement:
New Loading Phase added to the loading screen proper. The transition to start each level is now much smoother.

Extremely rare crash when using Launch Rocket has been prevented

Change made to address tearing between tiles on 4GS devices. As I am but a poor, humble developer, I don't have access to one of these devices myself yet. So, I cannot say for certain that this will fix the problem, but it is unfortunately the best shot in the dark I can take.


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