DrawnStrips Reader - The Best Comic Reader

DrawnStrips Reader - The Best Comic Reader

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********** The Best Comic Reader with MultiTouch and Retina Display Friendly **********

The best comic reader on OSX (USA)
Fantastic (UK)
Genial (SPAIN)
Best cbr reader in the app store! (Canada)

## DrawnStrips Reader
* Format supported: CBR, CBZ, CB7, ZIP, RAR, TAR, Images Folder, PDF Scanned...
* QuickLook Plug-In: CBR/CBZ/CB7. Finder will automatically display the first page of the comics as icon. And you can press the space bar for a quick view of your comics.
* Retina display ready.
* Navigating your comics with thumbnail, multi-touch, keyboard ...
* Convert, Enhance your comics..

### Converter
* Convert your comics to another format to CBZ, ZIP, Images Folder, PDF.
* Convert Image format to JPEG, PNG, TIFF
* Resize comics, or Images folder.

### Enhancement
* Magic Enhancer let's you modify on the fly (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Sharpness).
* Save the enhanced comic.
* Automatically keep the enhancement settings when you re-open your comic.

### Customization
* Background color.
* Keyboard shortcut.
* Behavior.
* Open automatically the next comic in your folder.

### Other
* 1-2 page(s) reading.
* Western, Manga style reading.
* Fullscreen native.
* Multi-touch, Trackpad, Magic mouse...
* Retina display ready.
* Controls fade out when they're not needed.
* Ready for Yosemite.
* Look and feel auto-adaptive to the OS X version.

Thanks your comments on the Mac App Store but if you need an answer please send me an email.

What's New

[Improvement] Under Yosemite, DrawnStrips Reader now follow the look and feel of the new OS X release.

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