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Naplan Style Maths Tests - Year 3

Naplan Style Maths Tests - Year 3

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Based on Australian Schools Maths Naplan Tests

Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests for Year 3 is a revolutionary maths tests creator that help students to reinforce maths lessons taught in class and in particular, the the type of questions asked in Australia's National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) type tests.

Maths skills improve with practice. Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests generates 1000's of unique Naplan-style maths questions providing students with a wealth of practice questions.

Step-by-step worked solutions on the answer sheets or on-screen allow students to compare their solutions and identify any mistakes.

A student's progress is tracked which allows areas of weakness to be identified.

Eureka's Naplan Style Maths Tests - Year 3 allows the student to tailor exams to concentrate on particular topics for additional practice and to improve overall test outcomes.

* Generates 1000's of unique NAPLAN-type maths questions.
* Based on past NAPLAN tests.
* Tests can be completed on-screen or in printed form to simulate test conditions.
* Includes Step by step worked solutions.
* Progress is tracked and areas of weakness are identified.
* Combines calculator and non-calculator tests

Topics Covered

• Numbers
- Place Value
- "Less Than" & "Greater Than"
- Recording Numbers in Words
- Rounding to 10
- Adding 2-Digit and 3-Digit Numbers with Trading
- Subtracting
- Subtracting 2-Digit and 3-Digit Numbers with Trading
- Addition and Subtraction: Problem Solving
- Multiplication
- Division
- Dividing 2-Digit Numbers
- Multiplication and Division: Problem Solving
- Fractions
- Fractions of Groups
- Comparing Fractions
- Money Value
- Adding and Subtracting Money
- Multiplying and Dividing Money
- Calculating Change
- Money: Problem Solving

• Patterns & Algebra
- Number Patterns
- Rules and Patterns
- Completing Number Patterns
- Number Sentences and Missing Values

• Measurement
- Centimetre
- Recording Length
- Comparing Length
- Area
- Informal Units for Area
- Informal Units for Capacity
- Volume
- Time

• Data and Chance
- Data
- Chance

• Space and Geometry
- 2 Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Objects
- Location and Position
- Symmetry
- Transformation
- Angles

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