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Allows geologists to examine earthquakes, including properties such as focal plane data and hypocenter distributions. This is most useful in examining patterns of seismicity in tectonically active areas. Data can be analysed in several standard formats, such as produced by the International Seismological Centre, or the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Global CMT project. Cross-sections can be produced in arbitrary orientations, and centroid moment tensor data can be analysed interactively using stereographic projections.

The sandbox stores parameters and data, so eQuakes is able to start where it left off. Other data are stored at the discretion of the user.

eQuakes can now section tomography data using a probabilistic interpolator. This allows precise juxtaposition of earthquake data with tomographic images produced by the Deep Earth Flier.

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What's New

Version §7 of eQuakes is required for compatibility with MacOs 10.14 (Mojave). The dependence on the OpenGL framework has been removed. eQuakes now runs on Metal, using a scene graph displayed in a SCNView. Version §7.2 includes the automated production of XIDOs [Xsecn Image Data Objects] produced by interpolation of seismic tomography data sets, with more interactivity with the interpolation of seismic tomography data onto arbitrary map or cross-section planes. The Deep Earth Flier can be used to determine mesh interpolation density and to enhance the colour sensitivity in order to better distinguish the skeletal form of the data anomalies. This can improve the recognition of the subduction geometries. Version §7.4 allows analysis of temporal groups, so as to define segment boundaries on subduction megathrusts.

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