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Status Magic

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** Status Magic now fully supports iOS 7 status bars! **

You've invested hundreds of hours crafting your iOS app to make it perfect in every way. Don't make a crucial mistake with the best marketing tool you have, your screenshots.

Status Magic is an application for adding perfect status bars to your iOS App Store screenshots. Import screenshots from your iOS device and Status Magic will either overlay a clean status bar on top or allow you to easily remove the status bar all together.

Your app should be the centre of attention on your screenshots, not the status bar. You should make sure the status bars are free of any distractions which means no carrier text, no alarms, no in-progress spinner and a fully charged battery. Also add extra polish by matching the iconic time '9:41 AM' that Apple uses in all their iOS promotional material.

All configurations of iOS devices are supported, both retina and non-retina, portrait and landscape orientations. Each screenshot is automatically inspected to determine the type and orientation so all that is left to do is pick which default icons should be shown and click Export. Simple!

Status Magic supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7 style status bars.

"I love me a good niche app, and Status Magic is an excellent one... So app developers and folks in my own trade should pay close attention. Status Magic works fast, cleans up iOS screenshots, and offers just the right options." Lex Friedman, Macworld

** #1 Top Paid Developer Tool on the Mac App Store! Thanks for the amazing support with this app we reached #1 in the USA, UK and various other App Stores around the world! **

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What's New


* Bug Fix: Fixed crash when picking colours for the opaque background fill using the grayscale colour picker.
* Bug Fix: Colour values can now be directly entered into the text boxes on the colour picker without dismissing the popover in Status Magic.


* Added support for auto detecting whether the status bar for an iOS 7 screenshot should be light or dark content. Select "iOS 7 (Auto Detect Content)" to switch use this feature.
* Added support for adding an opaque fill behind iOS 7 status bars. This won't look good if your app has blurred content behind the bar but for apps with flat/tinted status bars this should work well without having to capture screenshots with SDScreenshotCapture.
* Bug Fix: Light content -> Dark Content & Dark Content -> Light Content. Oops...
* Bug Fix: iOS 6 tinted status bars no longer render tinted on iPad screenshots, regardless of settings. The device does not support doing this and we match that now.


* iOS 7 support. Status Magic now fully supports the look and feel of the new iOS 7 status bar.
* Added support for showing a VPN connection on the status bar.
* Added a single "Export" button overlaid on the selected screenshot.
* Bug Fix: Made the control labels on the settings popover more consistent. (Removed the word "Display" before some options)
* Bug Fix: Screenshots are now displayed in the correct order when multiple screenshots are opened at the same time.
* Bug Fix: Screenshots can now be dragged on to the top half of the application window to open them as well as the bottom gallery area.
* Bug Fix: When opening a screenshot it is automatically selected after being opened.
* Bug Fix: Progress bar should no longer be displayed when reordering screenshots.


* Added support for adding custom carrier text to exported screenshots.
* Added support for translucent status bars, see for more information on preparing screenshots for this feature.
* Slight visual tweaks to exported screenshots to even more closely match iOS.
* Added a Close All button to the status bar.


* Added support for replacing the status bars for Non-Retina (1x) screenshots for iPhone 3.5 inch (320x480), iPhone 4 inch (320x568) and iPad (1024x768) which should make replacing status bars on marketing images or images intended for a web site much easier!
* Added support for resizing Retina screenshots to Non-Retina (2x to 1x) as part of the export process.
* Added support for importing a directory structure of screenshots. Useful if you already have all of your screenshots stored in an existing directory structure. This probably affects you if you have localized screenshots!
* Added support for exporting files back to their original locations (overwriting the original files). Useful if you are working with lots of screenshots in a directory structure as mentioned above.
* Paths for images displayed in the bar at the bottom of the window now show a tilde for any image under the users home directory.
* Bug Fix: When exporting using generated file names Status Magic now distinguishes between iPhone 3.5 inch and iPhone 4 inch images in the file name.
* Bug Fix: Custom time text no longer attempts to word wrap, oops!
* Bug Fix: Reordering of screenshots in the lower panel now works again!

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