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Status Barred crops your iOS screenshots to remove or obscure the status bar. Removing the status bar is recommended by apple before submitting to iTunes Connect and being displayed on the app store:

"Don't include the device status bar in your screenshots." - iTunes Connect Developer Guide

-iPhone 3.5" Display (non-retina)
-iPhone 3.5" Display
-iPhone 4" Display
-iPhone 4.7" Display
-iPhone 5.5" Display
-iPad Retina Display

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What's New

You can now choose to obscure the status bar area instead of cropping it. This will take the pixels along the bottom of the status bar area and "stretch" them up to the top of the status bar area, covering the carrier, time, battery symbols etc.

This is in light of Apple not accepting cropped iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screenshots, but still wanting developers to remove status bars.

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