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Moonshine is a free and open source middleweight IDE built with ActionScript 3 for ActionScript 3, Feathers, Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® development with Cloud and Desktop support.

Why Moonshine?

- Works with feature parity on the cloud model

The first IDE developed to provide cloud support for ActionScript 3 , Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® and Feathers. Now you can create your projects on the cloud and utilize the agility of a cloud based platform using Moonshine IDE.

- 100% Cross Platform

Moonshine is a cross platform open source application. With Moonshine you will find the luxury of developing anywhere on any platform.

- Built specifically to focus on Apache Flex® and Royale®

The Apache Royale® is a continuation of the previous effort called FlexJS to produce a next-generation of the Apache Flex® SDK that enables developers to use MXML and ActionScript to generate HTML/JS/CSS applications which can run natively in browsers. The cross-compiled code can also be used in Apache Cordova® (Adobe PhoneGap) mobile applications.

- Subversion support

We are providing SLIKSVN for subversion support because they provide a standalone command-line Subversion client for Windows. The installer contains all command line tools (svn, svnadmin, svnsync, svnserve, svnmucc) without application bindings or Apache modules. For more information please visit

+ Ant build
+ FDB debugger for debugging support
+ TourDeFlex component to assist with teaching the Flex syntax
+ Mobile application development support

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What's New


- Visual Editor: Added the name of the component as a header on the property panel.
- Visual Editor: Highlight code for selected element when switching to the Code tab
- Visual Editor: Duplicate controls with CTRL-U (Windows) or CMD-U (macOS)
- Visual Editor: Added PanelGrid component.


- Updated as3mxml engine to version 0.12.1-SNAPSHOT.
- Visual Editor: Ignore unknown tags in visual editor XML.
- Visual Editor: Allowed text files to be created in visual editor projects
- Visual Editor: Enabled scrollbars in mockup area.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Improvement to generated code for Grid component.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added additional container to TabView which allows positioning children in each tab.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added dynamic heights for some components.
- Subversion: Added option to force SVN to trust certificate errors.


- Fixed issue where projects did not automatically open on restart if language server was not set.
- Fixed issue where projects with existing source code did not list sub folders under the main source folder.
- Git: Fixed issue where IDE prompted user to install XCode during command line usage.
- Visual Editor: Fixed issue where reordering order was not possible. Further improvements to component reordering are pending.
- Visual Editor: Fixed issue where Undo/Redo did not work properly when there were multiple open Visual Editor tabs.
- Visual Editor: Disabled Edit > Find (and the corresponding shortcuts) for the Visual Editor tab.
- Visual Editor: Fixed issue where Include component did not properly display the list of files.
- Visual Editor: Fixed issue where the tab selected in the mockup area was not properly selected in the Properties panel

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