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Icns Maker

Icns Maker

       Mac OS

Convert an image file to an icns file or assets folder suitable for a Mac app in just 2 steps:

1. Drag an image into the window.
2. Click the "Create icns" or "Create assets" button.

That's all it takes to create icns files for use in Xcode 4.4 or assets for use Xcode 5 and suitable for all OS X apps including apps for Retina displays and all versions of OS X.

Why is this necessary?
As discussed by Apple in their Xcode documentation, with Xcode 4.4, Apple has changed the way icons are handled in Mac apps. Apple used to provide a tool called “Icon Composer” to create icns files but "Icon Composer" is no longer included with Xcode. For more information, search the Xcode documentation for “Icon Design Guidelines” and scroll down to “Provide the Correct Resources” and “Packaging Your Icon Resources”.

For Xcode 4, you now create a special .iconset folder and load it up with various sized images. Then you run a shell command to stitch these specifically named files into a single .icns file that can be used in your Xcode project.

With Xcode 5.x, Apple has changed things again. Now your project contains a special folder called “Images.xcassets” which contains all the image files used in your project, including the app icons.

Icns Maker takes over the task or working out what icons you need and in what format, relieving you of the boring work and leaving you more time for creativity and coding.

Icns Maker does NOT create icon files for use in an iOS app. Some reviewers have complained that this app creates icon files with the wrong dimensions. They are confusing Mac apps with iOS apps which have different icon requirements.

If you want to create icon files for an iOS app, check out our companion app for this - Icon Builder.

What's new

Support for Xcode 5 asset libraries.


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