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Gitbox is a simple yet powerful Git repository manager.

Important: to make FileMerge work with the latest Xcode, read the instruction:

• Full text search in commit metadata, file paths and diffs.
• Full support for pull, fetch, push, stash, rebase, branch reset, tagging and checkout.
• Automatic fetch from remote servers.
• Visual diff between branches.
• Integration with popular diff tools (Kaleidoscope, Changes etc.)
• Submodule support and automatic submodule updates.
• Color tagging for commits (better than "git bisect").
• Drag and drop file from history.
• Quick Look for files in history.
• Instant sync with the file system, smooth integration with Terminal.

You can clone, push and pull using usual protocols supported by Git (including HTTP). Repositories and clones on the local and networking filesystems are also supported.

Gitbox is powered by the standard build of Git 1.7 which is protected by GNU General Public License Version 2. Gitbox neither links (statically or dynamically) with Git nor uses specific APIs to work with Git. You can obtain Git source code at the following address: According the GPLv2 section 3.b, if you want a copy of source code for the bundled Git, I can provide it on a physical media for the cost of production and distribution. See Legal Info in the app for details.

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What's New

• Improved performance of updates of git state (stage, branches, commits and submodules).
• Fixed bug when cloning from a URL with spaces.
• Fixed several error messages.
• Fixed bug with submodule paths containing spaces.
• Fixed commit cherry-picking and merging from the search mode.
• Fixed bug with launching FileMerge after installing Xcode 4.3 and removing /Developer folder.
• Prevented window activation when minimized and repository optimization kicks in.
• Fixed window activation when clicked through after closing FileMerge window.
• Improved error messages for merge failure.

New in version 1.6:

• Zero-configuration submodules: one-click download and reset.
• Submodules are intelligently reset when pulling, switching branches or checking out commits in the parent repository.
• Editable repository names (Gitbox keeps an alias without changing the actual folder name.)
• Automatic repository optimization in background.

• Tags are sorted in natural order and with respect to version numbers.
• When a file is added to ignore list, it is also untracked (git rm --cached).
• Warning is displayed when trying to make a commit when no branch is selected.
• Single Preferences window with Git configuration, ignored files, "Clone from Github" checkbox etc.

• Fixed bugs and crashes in authentication session.
• Fixed performance bug with frequent stage updates (high CPU consumption).
• Fixed bugs with preserving stage selection and scroll offset when stage is reloaded.
• Fixed bug with text fields in repository settings (value was not stored immediately)
• Fixed a bug with trimming whitespace from .gitignore
• Fixed link highlighting: now all kinds of schemas are recognized including rdar:// (Lion-only).
• Fixed several text labels and error messages.
• Fixed an annoying bug in search field (when space is entered, all text was selected)
• Fixed bug with presenting files containing ":" and other URL-unfriendly characters.
• Fixed bug with staging file names beginning with dash ("-")
• Fixed bug with multi-line commit messages. Messages are recorded as-is. Prewrapped messages are intelligently unwrapped when displayed.
• Fixed bug with ignoring a file when .gitignore does not exist (file was not added to .gitignore).
• Fixed bug with title duplication in the branch menus.
• Fixed merge --no-ff option. Gitbox shows no-ff merge commits and respects “mergeoptions” in .git/config.
• Fixed sidebar alignment bug.
• Fixed sidebar spinner color and animation.

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