Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database

Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database

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Your digital filing cabinet for life’s scattered details. Now with macOS Mojave and Scripting support!

Accounts, recipes, expenses, inventory — life is full of things that we don’t want to forget or misplace. Tap Forms 5 helps you organize all kinds of things in one place — secure, searchable, and accessible on your Mac (iOS + Apple Watch app sold separately).

How can one app organize everything? Because not only can you use and customize the 33 built-in templates but you can create your own “forms” for inputting any kind of information, even if that information includes pictures, doodles, audio recordings, calculations, file attachments, ratings, or even links to other forms. This makes it almost like building your very own customized organization app.

+++ Mac Format Magazine (March, 2014) - comparing Tap Forms to other organizational programs:
"Tap Forms is the clear winner by a mile. The user interface is beautifully Mac-like, the structuring of data is similar enough to Bento that it offers only a shallow learning curve, it offers a direct import of Bento templates, and the iOS companion app is great."

• Capture your way: add a picture, type some text, attach a file — there are 25 different types of information that can be captured with Tap Forms.

• Organize your way: Create and design custom forms exactly how you want to for optimal organization. Get started with one of our ready-to-go form templates, or easily make a custom one from scratch with our integrated form building tools.

• Store confidential data with confidence: Tap Forms' security settings let you optionally require a password, and even auto-lock when idle for a custom period of time. Using AES encryption, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.

• Import, Export, Share: It’s easy to import your data from existing files, so getting started is a breeze. Import your data from text, CSV, Bento and more. Exporting allows you to share with Mac, Windows, and Linux users.

Advanced Features:

• Scripting support. You can now create JavaScripts to perform all kinds of operations on your records.
• Sync with Tap Forms for iOS and Mac using iCloud, IBM Cloudant, Nearby (WiFi), or with your own Apache CouchDB sync server.
• Layout designer for creating custom form layouts
• Advanced search rules with multi-field record filtering
• Lightning-fast search
• Share form templates with friends, family, and co-workers
• Import & Export standard text, CSV and XLSX files from Excel, Numbers, or other systems
• Print 24 different types of barcodes including ISBN, UPC, Code 39, QR code, EAN, and more!
• Label printing engine includes over 1,000 Avery® label templates
• Print record details
• List, multi-column, calendar, map, and photo grid views.

Store 25 different types of information, such as:

• Scripts
• Tables
• Link to form (relational links between forms)
• Inverse relationships
• File Attachment with multi-file support
• Email address
• GPS location
• Contact
• Text
• Date
• Time
• Date & time
• Number
• Rating
• Web site address
• Check mark
• Note
• Audio notes (record on iOS, playback on Mac)
• Photos
• Drawings (draw on iOS, view on Mac)
• Phone number
• Section headings
• Calculations
• Signature (capture on iOS, view on Mac)

Includes more than 33 built-in forms, including:

• Audio dictation
• Bank accounts
• Clients
• Client call log
• Credit & debit cards
• Daily journal
• Expenses
• Frequent flyer numbers
• Health insurance
• Homework assignments
• Loyalty cards
• Personal health cards
• Security alarm codes
• Serial numbers
• Vehicle insurance
• Website accounts
• Wine collection

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What's New

• Fixed an issue where the columns on the multi-column list view would not render past the edge of the viewable area after doing certain things like sorting and selecting which fields to display.
• Fixed an issue where a Script field was being evaluated even if a field was edited that wasn’t referenced in the script.
• If a photo goes missing, Tap Forms will try to reconnect it if the file is still on disk.
• Increased height of barcode renderings.
• Fixed crash creating compound searches.
• Fixed bug where custom layouts were coming up blank when printed on macOS High Sierra.
• Added form.selectRecord(record); function to select a record for the specified form. Good for when you add a new record in a script and want the new record to be selected after the script runs.
• Auto-complete menu appears properly in Dark Mode on Mojave now.
• Added support for forward delete key when deleting photos.
• Added record.getNoteFieldValue(field_id); method to get the rich text value from a Note field.
• Added record.setNoteFieldValue(field_id, value); method to set the rich text value on a Note field.
• Thumbnails are now created using the same image format as the original source. This is especially important on the single-column list view on Mojave in Dark Mode for PNG images. Previously the thumbnails were always created as JPG so they lost their transparency data and caused a white border around the images.
• Bolded Section Heading fields in Fields lists.
• Fixed issue with grey background appearing on long Note fields.
• Fixed issue with paste between layouts causing pasted objects to be cascaded.
• Added support for no parameters in JavaScript Prompter class.
• Added support for specifying a boolean parameter in JavaScript Prompter callback function so you can detect if the Cancel or Continue button was clicked.
• Script buttons will no longer be on the output when printing a custom layout.
• Added new field type icons for the Link to Form and Link From Form field types. The icons will change depending on the Link Type specified.

If you enjoy using Tap Forms and have a couple of spare minutes, please leave a review. I really appreciate every review. Each one makes a huge difference to the success and continued improvement of Tap Forms. Thanks in advance! - Brendan

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