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The Recipe Project

The Recipe Project

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So you're running late. Loved ones hungrily await your usual culinary masterpiece, but you've got no time to engage your frazzled brain, let alone brave the crowded store. We're here to help. The Recipe Project allows you to enter whatever ingredients you've already got, up to 5, and voila! Dozens of simple, speedy dishes to explore. Think spicy soups, nutty salads, grilled seafoods, veggie wraps, succotash, mac 'n cheese, romantic treats, and much, much more. Culling from a database of hundreds (brought to you by the RecipeMatcher database), our app will find you the simplest dishes out there -- recipes so easy you could sing 'em. That's right, sing it!

Why on earth would you sing it?

This app is brought to you by the Recipe Project BOOK -- the debut title of Black Balloon Publishing. This unprecedented food & music cross-pollination transforms recipes -- word for word -- into singable, danceable, riotously delightful songs. Recipes by the likes of Mario Batali, David Chang, Chris Cosentino, and Tom Colicchio have been set to song and packaged inside a red-hot, illustrated book of chef interviews and essays by acclaimed food writers like Melissa Clark and J. Dixon. Which is why, as a bonus, we've included the following book samplings in the app:

-- an extra special recipe by a chef you will recognize
-- an extra special recipe put to music (by Brooklyn band One Ring Zero) and sung, word for word, to the musical genre of the chef's choosing.
-- a spin-able LP (yes, animation!)
-- an exclusive chef interview or essay by acclaimed food writer
-- monthly updates: new recipes! new song! new chef interview!

Featured Chefs:
-- Mario Batali
-- John Besh
-- David Chang
-- Tom Colicchio
-- Chris Cosentino
-- Mark Kurlansky
-- Andrea Reusing
-- Isa Chandra Moskowitz
-- Aaron Sanchez
-- Michael Symon

Featured Writers:
-- Matthew Amster-Burton
-- Melissa Clark
-- Jonathan Dixon
-- Tanya Donelly
-- JJ Goode
-- Christine Muhlke
-- Emily Kaiser Thelin
-- Michael Harlan Turkell
-- Michelle Wildgen
-- Kara Zuaro

Featured Vocalists:
-- One Ring Zero
-- Tanya Donelly
-- Claudia Gonson

5 simple ingredients. Hundreds of recipes.

Match 'em
Sing 'em
Save 'em
Love 'em.


The Recipe Project began as a simple idea: take the recipes of today’s top chefs, set them to music, and sing them word for word. The result is a quirky, remarkably catchy CD-book combo that poses some timely questions about music and food. If chefs are the new rock stars, why not celebrate them as exactly that? And how loudly can David Chang play The Kinks before his restaurant patrons walk out? Here, in one totally unnecessary collection, you get it all: the album of songs, the brilliant recipes, plus personal interviews with the famed chefs about everything from childhood violin lessons to teenage Van Halen haircuts. Along the way, some of the most noteworthy culinary writers in the country—including Melissa Clark and John T. Edge—weigh in on how food and music have helped them survive screaming newborns, religious fundamentalism, and dinner with grandma.


Black Balloon Publishing puts out genre-bending projects that rebel against industry convention: the weird, the unwieldy, the unclassifiable — in anything from classic paperback, to interactive e-book, to digital storytelling collage. We like Book as object — the smell of pulp, the sound of pages turning, the heft of a binding in hand — and as electronic thing — back-lit and scrollable. But why stop there? Let’s animate it — add some clickable PET scans and stop-motion video. Visualizations are insights, right-brain entries into left-brain text. Topographical models of contagious diseases. Flow charts of self-flagellating monastics. The path of a cheeseburger through a digestive tract. The teachable moments are endless, and all lead back to text.

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